Maquis shrubland

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Map of maquis regions of the world
Low maquis in Corsica
High macchia in Sardinia

Maquis (UK: /mæˈk/ ma-KEE, US: /mɑːˈk/ mah-KEE, French: [maki]) or macchia (/ˈmɑːkiə/ MAH-kee-ə, Italian: [ˈmakkja]; often macchia mediterranea in Italian; Corsican: machja, pronounced [ˈmaca]; Croatian: makija; Occitan: maquís; Catalan: màquia) is a shrubland biome in the Mediterranean region, typically consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs.[1][2]

Maquis is characterized by plants of the family Lamiaceae, genera Laurus and Myrtus, and species Olea europaea, Ceratonia siliqua, and Ficus carica. It is similar to garrigue.[3]

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