María Eugenia Larraín

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María Eugenia Larraín

María Eugenia Larraín Calderón (born October 16, 1973, in Santiago), known as Kenita (or Quenita) Larraín, is a Chilean Model and socialite.

Larraín is the daughter of Patricia Calderón Terán and Mario Larraín Corssen, granddaughter of Mario Larraín del Campo and Javiera Corssen Rivera and great-granddaughter Ricardo Larraín Bravo, descendant of the 1st Marquess of Larraín.[1] Larraín is of Basque descent.[2][3][4][5]

She studied at Liceo Manuel de Salas in Ñuñoa, Santiago. She studied engineering at UNIACC University, a second-tier private college, graduating in 2003.

In 2008 Larraín participated in the Argentine television show Bailando por un Sueño and in 2009 joined the Chilean reality show Pelotón VIP with her twin brother Mario Larraín. She was first runner-up. In 2011 she starred in the music video of Evailo ("Moya E"), a Bulgarian singer known in Chile for competing in the TV show Yingo. In November 2011 released her first single "Mi Mundo Sin Ti," a cover version of the song by Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas.

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