María Pacheco

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María Pacheco receives notice of the death of her husband at Villalar. The painting is a 19th-century work by Vicente Borrás.

María Pacheco (c.1496 – March 1531) was a 16th-century Spanish warrior of the House of Mendoza. She was born in Granada, the daughter of Íñigo López de Mendoza y Quiñones and Francisca Pacheco.

When her husband, the chief comunero Juan López de Padilla, was captured and killed in the battle of Villalar in 1521, she took command in his name and successfully lead the defence of the city of Toledo against the royalist forces until the arrangement of a peaceful surrender of the city six months later.

Pacheco managed to escape to Portugal, and lived in Oporto till her death, in March 1531, aged about 35. She was buried in Oporto Cathedral.


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