María Teresa Costantini

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María Teresa Costantini
María Teresa Correa Avila

9 October 1949
Other namesTeresa Costantini
Occupationfilm director, actress, scriptwriter

María Teresa Costantini (9 October 1949 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine film actress, screenwriter and film director who has appeared in films since 1989.

Costantini directed, acted in and wrote the script for Acrobacias del Corazón in 2000,[1] working with actors Gabriel Goity, Alejandro Awada, Virginia Innocenti and Cecilia Dopazo.[2]

In 2009 she wrote and directed Felicitas, a film set in Buenos Aires during the 19th century and based on the story of Felicitas Guerrero de Alzaga, "the most beautiful woman in Argentina" according to the poet Carlos Guido Spano. Actors include Sabrina Garciarena, Gonzalo Heredia, Alejandro Awada and Luis Brandoni.[3][2]


Costantini's films include:[4][unreliable source?]

  • Felicitas (2009) (director, scriptwriter)
  • El Amor y La Ciudad (2007) (director, scriptwriter)
  • Sin Intervalo (Without Break) (2002) (director)
  • Acrobaciás del Corazón (2000) (director, scriptwriter)
  • Los Dueños de los Ratones (short, 1997) (director, scriptwriter)


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