Marín, Nuevo León

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Motto: Progreso y Cultura
Marín (Nuevo León).png
Municipality of Marín
in the State of Nuevo León, Mexico.
Date of Founding 1684
Elevation to City 1807
Altitude 393 meters
Latitude 25° 23' North
Longitude 100° 02' West
Time Zone (UTC) -6 hours (Central)
Source: INEGI,

Marín is a town and municipality located in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. the municipality was named in honor of Dr. Primo Feliciano Marin de Porras, Bishop of Linares. It has an area of 129 square kilometres territorial.


The town of Marín is located in northeastern Nuevo León, at a latitude of 25 ° 23 'west longitude of Greenwich Mean 100 ° 02'. It lies at an altitude of 393 meters above sea level. It has an area of 129 square kilometers. Weather is extreme, with rainfall in August and September, with annual rainfall ranging between 700 and 1200 mm. July and August are the hottest months.


The earliest inhabitants of the area were Native Indians, notably the Aiguales band of Coahuilteco Indians. These indigenous groups were hunters and gatherers, who probably already knew the practice of sowing corn during the planting season. After the harvest they remained living in the region, as is evidenced by the arrowheads, axes and scraper that have been found around the Loma Larga and at sites near rivers. The Spanish arrived in the mid-sixteenth century. Captain Jose Martínez Flores, a native of Saltillo founded the Hacienda San Antonio de los Martinez in 1684. By 1804 the hacienda's treasury had grown considerably. This led to Joaquin Martinez, his relatives and neighbors to request from the political and ecclesiastical authorities to elevate the Hacienda to the status of Villa (town). The request was granted on July 16, 1807 and the town was given the name Villa de San Carlos de Marin, in honor of King Carlos IV of Spain and Bishop Primo Feliciano Marin de Porras of Linares. During the Mexican–American War, Marin was completely destroyed by the invading American Army under General Zachary Taylor. The town was rebuilt and in 1863, the neighboring town of General Zuazua was carved out of Marin.

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Coordinates: 25°53′N 100°02′W / 25.883°N 100.033°W / 25.883; -100.033