Mar Zutra

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For the 30th Exilarch Amora sage of Babylon, leader of the rebel against Kavadh I, see: Mar-Zutra II. For the Savora sage, son of the 30th Exilarch, see: Mar-Zutra III

Mar Zutra (Hebrew: מר זוטרא‎) was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the sixth generation of the Amora era. He was a colleague of Amemar and Rav Ashi. He headed the Yeshiva of Pumbedita, and according to the book "Seder Tannaim ve-Amoraim", previous to Rav Aha b. Rava. In the Iggeret Rav Sherira Gaon (French version), he is not mentioned as a head of a Yeshiva, but in later sources he is noted as Mr Zutra, Head of a Yeshiva.