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Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) is one of the three Autonomous District Councils within Mizoram state of Union India. Primarily, an autonomous administrative government meant for the Mara people living in the state. It is situated in the southern tip of Mizoram state bordering Myanmar. Its autonomy was established and carved out from the erstwhile Pawi-Lakher Regional Council on 29 May 1971 and separated the next year as Lakher Autonomous District Council, and renamed it to current name in 1988.[1] It covers 1445 square kilometres.[1]

The government has jurisdiction over land administration, administration of justice, and limited legislative powers, and a few other local powers.[2]In 2009 the council was led by an independent member of the District Council, Shri. N. Viakhu who formed coalition government with Maraland Democratic Front and Indian National Congress in 2005 election.

On December 2005, Independent Member of the District Council, Shri. N. Viakhu formally joined Mizo National Front (MNF) to lead a new MADC government formed by MNF with a simple majority. He was severely criticized for his nomination of four MNF workers to MDC nominated seats despite being the CEM of the Cong-MNF coalition government. The nomination allows MNF to enjoy a simple majority (15 - 11); otherwise Cong-MDF combine and MNF were tied at 11 elected members each.

The latest election of MADC had been held in 2012, with an Indian National Congress gained a majority by securing 15 seats out of total 22. A new government by Congress was formed thereafter. The current Chief Executive Member (CEM) is Shri RT Zachono, a veteran politician from Amotlah(Rawmibawk) Constituency. The Chairman is Shri Hiphei, ex-Member of Parliament(Rajya Sabha).


Mara Autonomous District Council looks after many departments in her area including fisheries, schools (up to Middle school) and education, judiciary, land and revenue, forestry, Public Health Engineering (PHE), etc.

Tourist spots[edit]

Tourist spots within MADC include

  • Siaha - the district headquarters,
  • Mt. Mawma, the highest mountain in MADC area and the 5th highest mountain in Mizoram state. About 3 km from Chakhei town, 76 km approx. from Siaha.
  • Pala Lake, the biggest lake in the state,
  • River Kaladan, the biggest river in Mizoram, that serves as border between MADC and Lai Autonomous District Council. Kaladan river fish are famous for their taste.
  • Phura - the only town on plain. The barn of Maraland.
  • Lodawtlah Wildlife Sanctuary, some 80 km Southwest of Siaha.
  • Tipa or Tuipang - the second largest and vibrant town in the central part of MADC or Maraland.
  • Kolodyne Bridge Kaochao - The longest bridge in Mizoram.


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