Mara of the Wilderness

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Mara of the Wilderness
Directed by Frank McDonald
Produced by Brice Mack
Written by Thomas W. Blackburn
Rod Scott
Starring Adam West
Linda Saunders
Theo Marcuse
Music by Harry Bluestone
Cinematography Robert Wyckoff
Edited by Harold Gordon
Unicorn Films
Distributed by Allied Artists
Release date
April 6, 1965
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Mara of the Wilderness is a 1965 adventure film directed by Frank McDonald, produced by former Disney animator Brice Mack with his studio Unicorn Films, and starring Adam West, Lori Saunders, and Theodore Marcuse.


In the contemporary areas of Alaska, Mara Wade (Lori Saunders) is a barefoot wild woman whose parents are killed in a Bear attack. Raised by wolves and wearing only a fur dress, she rescues and befriends an anthropologist named Ken Williams (Adam West) who is interested in teaching her what is in the world. But she is hunted as well by a ruthless carnival worker named Jarnagan (Theodore Marcuse) causing Ken to work to keep her safe.



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