Maracaibo Metro

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Maracaibo Metro
Metro de Maracaibo logo.png
Metro de Maracaibo.jpg
LocaleMaracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Transit typeLight rail
Number of lines1
Number of stations6
Daily ridership42,000[1]
Began operation2006
System length6.5 km (4.0 mi)

The Maracaibo Metro, also known as Metro del Sol Amado, is a six-station light rail system in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Service between La Vanega and El Varillal (skipping Urdaneta) opened to the public on November 25, 2006, with the last station on the line opened on June 9, 2009.[2]

The line encompasses the suburbs of Maracaibo and Maracaibo itself as drop-off point. Also one station is a transfer point between rail services provided by IAFE. There are a total of six stations along the line – two elevated stations (Urdaneta and Libertador), and four at-grade stations.

The line was built by the city government of Maracaibo and the Venezuelan national government. In March 2009 it was reported that corruption allegations regarding the 1998 signing of the construction contract with Siemens were being investigated.[3]


Line 1[edit]

The first stage of line 1 will be 6.9 km long.[citation needed] The totally planned system of four lines shall have 60 km in the future.

German company Siemens is supplying signalling, telecommunication and electrification systems as well as the first 7 metro trains, based on the vehicles running on the Prague Metro line C.

The first of 4 proposed lines, Line 1, has opened some stations while others are still under construction or in the planning/design stages. A feeder 1.1 km support line connects the maintenance and train yard areas to the terminal station Altos de La Vanega.

Line Terminals Service Length Stations Notes
1 Altos de la Vanega ↔ El Varillal November 25, 2006 1.2 km 2 Free service with 600 passenger capacity
Altos de la Vanega ↔ El Guayabal August 27, 2007 2.5 km 3 First fare collection BsF 0,5 (23US cents) was introduced January 21, 2008. Service hours: Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, Sundays and holidays 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Altos de la Vanega ↔ Sabaneta May 11, 2008 3.4 km 4
Altos de la Vanega ↔ Libertador June 8, 2009 6.5 km 6


Line 1: First Stage

  • Altos de La Vanega
  • El Varillal
  • El Guayabal
  • Sabaneta
  • Urdaneta
  • Libertador

Line 1: Second Stage (Under study)

Probable additional stations are:

  • Padilla
  • Falcón
  • 5 de Julio
  • Paraíso
  • Indio Mara
  • Universidad
  • Polideportivo
  • Galerías
  • Panamericano
  • Mercado Periférico
  • La Curva de Molina

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