Maracanã River (Rio de Janeiro)

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Maracanã River (Rio de Janeiro)
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Rio de Janeiro state
River mouth Guanabara Bay
sea level

The Maracanã River of Rio de Janeiro (Brazilian Portuguese: [mɐɾakɐˈnɐ̃]), which means green bird in Tupi–Guarani, is a river located in Rio de Janeiro state in southeastern Brazil.


The Maracanã River flows, now canalised, eastwards through the northern districts and neighbourhoods of the city of Rio de Janeiro to its mouth at Guanabara Bay.


The Estádio do Maracanã, one of the largest football stadia in the world, was named after the Maracanã River. The nearby and smaller Ginásio do Maracanãzinho indoor arena is a derivative name, Maracanãzinho meaning Little Maracanã.

The subsequently developed Maracanã neighbourhood around the stadium and that which the river flows through, took its name from the stadium.

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