Marala Headworks

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Marala Headworks
A view of Marala Headworks
Waterway Chenab River
Country Pakistan
Maintained by Punjab Irrigation Department
Operation Hydraulic
First built 1968
Length 1,366 meters (4,481 ft)
Fall 15 feet (4.6 m)
Above sea level 250 meters (820 ft)
Coordinates 32°40′24″N 74°27′49″E / 32.6733°N 74.4636°E / 32.6733; 74.4636Coordinates: 32°40′24″N 74°27′49″E / 32.6733°N 74.4636°E / 32.6733; 74.4636

Marala Headworks is a headworks situated on the River Chenab near the city of Gujrat and Sialkot in Punjab province of the Pakistan.


Marala Headworks is a large hydro engineering project and is used to control water flow and flood control in the River Chenab.


Chenab is a 1,086 km (675 mi) long river which originates from Chandra Taal in the Lahul & Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh in India where it is known as Chandrabhaga after the two tributaries Chandra and Bhaga join at Tandi in Lahul & Spiti district and acquires the name Chenab when it enters Jammu and Kashmir near Kishtwar in India. After cutting across the Pir Panjal Range, it enters the Sialkot District in the Pakistan. Here the Marala Barrage was built across the river in 1968 with a maximum discharge of 1.1 million ft³/s (31,000 m³/s). Two major water channels originate at the Marala headworks—the Marala-Ravi Link Canal and the Upper Chenab Canal. Proposals are under consideration to build Mangla Marala Link Canal to overcome any shortage of water in future.

Marala Headworks is also a picnic spot, a wildlife sanctuary and an unprotected wetland. Many people come here and enjoy the landscape and natural beauty.


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