Maralyn Lois Polak

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Maralyn Lois Polak
Born Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
Residence United States
Occupation Columnist, author, screenwriter, poet, editor, researcher

Maralyn Lois Polak is an award-winning eclectic and unconventional American columnist, screenwriter, performance poet, spoken word artist, novelist and journalist.[1]

In collaboration with architect Benjamin Nia, Polak co-created the 25-minute documentary My Hometown: Preservation or Development? about the threatened demolition of 19th century buildings near Philadelphia's historic Rittenhouse Square, and preservationists' efforts to save them from a developer's wrecking ball.[2]

She also authored the experimental online meta-novel, IMAGINARY PLAYMATES/Man in Her Mind: Further Adventures of Boris and Natasha, serialized weekly for six months on the former political-literary website FemmeSoul.Com, and a cartoon book, Anoushka on Her Deathbed: 101 Cartoons From the Abyss.[3]

As a former commentary columnist for the online news site WorldNetDaily during a decade as one of their few progressive contributors, Polak wrote more than five hundred political satire opinion pieces in her sometimes controversial weekly column called Left-Handed.[4]

Her journalistic career also includes a long stint with the mainstream media as nationally syndicated weekly celebrity interview columnist for Knight-Ridder and the now-defunct Sunday Magazine of The Philadelphia Inquirer, where she did over a thousand columns.[5][6]

Polak's quirky reviews, essays and opinion editorials have appeared in the Chicago Tribune,[6] Reader's Digest, Andy Warhol's Interview, the San Jose Mercury News, The Philadelphia Inquirer[7] and The New York Times.[8]

Of that dichotomous era, Polak recalls, "Before I became interested in filmmaking, I led two parallel lives: journalist and poet. The journalists thought I was a lunatic and the poets thought I was a sell-out. Both sides got it wrong. Now my ambition is to simply be one real person. Easier said than done."


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