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The Marangu Gate entrance to Kilimanjaro National park.
The Marangu Waterfalls.

Marangu is a town located in Kilimanjaro Region.


Before Independence in 1961, the town of Marangu used to be the headquarters of the Vunjo district led by Chief (Mangi Mwitori) Petro Itosi Marealle and Paramount Chief (Mangi Mkuu) Thomas Marealle, installed in 1951, who lived in Moshi itself.. The four and half day Marangu Route climb is considered the least arduous. It is believed that the first man in history to have climbed Kibo peak on Kilimanjaro was Kinyala Johannes Lauwo (1871–1996) of Ashira Marangu.


The word "Marangu" means a place with too many water streams. It is one of the most popular places in Tanzania. One of the proverbs of Chagga is "Ulamine kilahu ulyemkiwoa" (not from the Vunjo dialect) which means do not despise something/somebody from which you once received support.


Many Marangu residents are farmers growing bananas, vegetables and coffee. However, the biggest source of income is tourism. The Marangu route is the most popular hiking route in Africa. The town has world class hotels like Babylon Lodge, Kilimanjaro Mountain resort,hosting local and international guests wanting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. New Marangu residents are young men from all over Tanzania looking to work in the tourism industry as porters and guides.


Marangu is home to The Marangu Teacher Training College and Ashira Girls High School and many other schools which provides education to not only marangu residents but to other residence from different places around Tanzania country

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Coordinates: 3°21′17″S 37°31′19″E / 3.35472°S 37.52194°E / -3.35472; 37.52194