Maranjab Caravansarai

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Maranjab Caravansarai

The Maranjab Caravansarai is in Maranjab desert which is in the north of Aran va Bidgol city located in Isfahan province, Iran. It has been made by an order from Shah Abbas in 1603 and located along the silk road, between the khoreasan and Isfahan provinces.[1]


Constructed along the silk road in 1603, The Caravansarai has been used by the travelers from China and Europe for many years. Moreover, it has been used as a fortress with 500 soldiers to protect travelers against bandits and also to fight against probable military attacks from the eastern countries such as Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.[2]

By the year 2000 Iran's historical heritage association conducted a project to repair the building which continued until 2004. Since then it has been used as a tourist attraction.[3]



The building is 3500 square meters and has been built in a rectangular shape and has 29 rooms. The structure is totally made of bricks.

The fortified exterior walls have six watchtowers for archers and scout troops.[4]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Being in the middle of desert, every year the Caravansarai attracts lots of desert lovers. The main tourist attractions of the area are off-road driving, astronomy and camel riding.[5]

Maranjab Caravansarai


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