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Industry Electronics
Founded Kew Gardens, New York (1953)
Headquarters Kanagawa, Japan
Products Audio, visual
Parent D&M Holdings

Marantz is a Japanese company that develops and sells high-end audio products.[1]

The first Marantz audio product was designed and built by Saul Marantz and his mother, Melinda Marie Marantz in their home in Kew Gardens, New York.[2] The company had a major influence in the development of high fidelity audio systems, and reached the high point of their success in the mid to late 1970s.

During the 1980s, while owned by Philips,[3][4] a pioneer in compact disc technology, Marantz built some very well received CD players, but other products in the line were not as successful as in the past. As of the early 1990s, Marantz has focused on higher-end components. In 2001, Marantz Japan acquired the brand from Philips and owned all overseas sales subsidiaries.


  • 1952 Saul Marantz sells his first audio product, the "Consolette" pre-amp
  • 1964 Marantz acquired by Superscope Inc.
  • 1966 Beginning with the Model 25, and then 22 and 28, Marantz started manufacturing their products in Japan through a partnership with Standard Radio Corp.
  • 1974 A manufacturing plant is open in Europe more specifically in Belgium on the site Péronnes-lez-Binche Walloon Region Belgium.
Marantz Europe (1974~1985)
  • 1975 Standard Radio Corp. changes its name to Marantz Japan Inc.
  • 1980 Superscope sold the Marantz brand, dealer network, and all overseas assets (except U.S. and Canada) to Philips Electronics
  • 1983 Marantz's audio enhancement technology (Marantz Enhanced Digital Stereo) was introduced.
  • 1992 Philips acquires U.S. and Canada trademarks and dealer network
  • 1997 Saul Marantz passes away aged 86.
  • 2001 Marantz Japan Inc. acquired the brand and all overseas sales subsidiaries
  • 2002 Marantz Japan and Denon merge to form D&M Holdings, to later be joined by other higher-end audio equipment brands such as Boston Acoustics
  • 2008 Philips sells its remaining stake in D&M Holdings, ending a 28-year relationship between Philips and Marantz.
  • 2014 Marantz Professional acquired by inMusicBrands


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