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Sunset from Mararikkulam beach
Sunset from Mararikkulam beach
Coordinates: 9°36′0″N 76°18′0″E / 9.60000°N 76.30000°E / 9.60000; 76.30000Coordinates: 9°36′0″N 76°18′0″E / 9.60000°N 76.30000°E / 9.60000; 76.30000
Country India
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0478
Vehicle registrationKL-32
Nearest cityAlappuzha
Lok Sabha constituencyAlappuzha

Mararikulam is a beach village in the district of Alappuzha. The name comes from Marari ( Lord Siva) who is the main deity of the place. It has the famous temple Mararikulam Mahadevar temple dedicated to Lord Siva(also called Marari by the locals). It is the fertile land of communism and it has a very beautiful beach which is known by the name Marari Beach or Mararikulam beach. There are two village panchayts for this village, Mararikulam South and Mararikulam North. Mararikulam North consists of parts of Mararikulam, Perunormangalam, Kanichukulangara, Beach, Poklasheri and Chennaveli. The South Panchayat consists of parts of Mararikulam, Kattoor, Pollathai, Valavanadu, Preethikulangara, Omanapuzha, Kalavoor, Pathirapally, and Chettikadu. The famous Mararikulam Mahadeva temple is the most important and ancient Shiva temple, which has its origin dating back to centuries is located here. The temple has to its account a lot of specialties which are unseen in any other temple .This is also the only temple where Mahadeva and Parvathi Devi sit facing each other as in swayambhoo.


Mararikulam is connected by rail and has a railway station by the same name. It is also well connected by road. NH 66 passes through S.L.Puram, which is 5 km to the east of Mararikulam. Nearest airport is Cochin International Airport(75 km). Sri (late). S. L Puram Sadanandan, Sri (late). M.N.Kurup, former Indian volleyball team captain K Udayakumar,Jetty C Joseph (Long Jump) are from Mararikulam.


Mararikulam was one of the Kerala State Assembly Constituency.


The climate is moderate all year round. It ha a balanced tropical climate. It receives two monsoons; south west and north east. Average rainfall of 1100 mm. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists visiting Kerala, and it was rated as having one of the world's top five hammock beaches by the National Geographic survey. Marari is a nature lover's paradise and a morning stroll with one of our naturalists in tow is a fine way to introduce yourself to the Malabar coast's unique ecosystem and to explore its myriad charms. Just to give you a taste, you can expect to find 97 species of butterflies, more than 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, and even 10 kinds of frogs. As for the birds, there are too many to even name.


The majority of the people earn their daily bread by fishing and other related works. The daily income of the people cannot be measured due to the nature of this work but nowadays home stays have become a common income source for many people on the coast of Mararikulam. The arrival of famous beach resorts in this area has increased the variety of tourist options. The tagline 'Marari Beach' has made this place one of the most favorite destinations for the tourist across the globe.