Marathi Muslims

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Marathi Muslim
मराठी मुस्लिम
Regions with significant populations
IndiaPakistanUnited KingdomCanada
Allah-green.svg Sunni, Shia, Shia Ismaili
Related ethnic groups
Marathi peopleMuhajirsArabsPersiansPakistani peoplePashtunsJatsKhojaLohanas

The term Marathi Muslims is usually used to signify Marathi Muslims from the state of Maharashtra in North-western coast of India, who speak Marathi as a mother-tongue (first language) and follows certain customs different from the rest of Indian Muslims. Marathi Muslims are very prominent in industry and medium-sized businesses. Many members of this community migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and have settled in Karachi and Sindh, contributing greatly to the general welfare and economy of Pakistan.

According to 2001 Indian census,[1] There were 10,270,485 Muslims in Maharashtra and constituted 10.60% of the state.

Marathi Muslims belong mostly to the Sufi tradition. Visiting the tombs of Sufi saints is very important to this community.

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