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Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inMarathi
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
RegistrationOptional, but required for certain tasks including
  •  editing of protected pages
  •  non-talk page creation (autoconfirmed for articles) 
  •  page moving (autoconfirmed) 
Users138,232 as of 29 November 2021
Launched1 May 2003; 18 years ago (2003-05-01)
Content license
Creative Commons Attribution/
(most text also dual-licensed under GFDL)
Media licensing varies

The Marathi Wikipedia (Marathi: मराठी विकिपीडिया) is the Marathi language edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia, and was launched on 1 May 2003. The project is one of the leading Wikipedia among other South Asian language Wikipedia's in various quality matrices.[1] It has grown on to become a Wiki containing more than 80,000 articles. As of 1 October 2021 it has more than 80,449 articles and has more than 1,36,667 registered users.[2]

Among the most visited Marathi-language websites, the Marathi Wikipedia is ranked tenth by Alexa.[3]



The Marathi Wikipedia was available in the domain from 2003 May 1. 'Vasant Panchami'(वसंत पंचमी)[4] (Vasant Panchami) and 'Audumbar' (औदुंबर (कविता)), a poem by the poet Balkavi[5] were the first articles created on Marathi Wikipedia on 2 May 2003.

Initial growth phase[edit]

The Marathi Wikipedia picked up growth from 2006 onwards. On 13 January 2006 Marathi Wikipedia had 1500 articles.

On 27 February, Marathi Day is celebrated.


Date Count
December 2017 50,000
21 August 2020 60,000
24 December 2020 66,666
30 July 2021 77,777
23 September 2021 80,000

Users and editors[edit]

Marathi Wikipedia statistics
Number of user accounts Number of articles Number of files Number of administrators
136667 81894 19142 10

Community and events[edit]

Marathi Wikipedia banner in India Wikiconference.jpg
Marathi Wikipedia Stall At Techfest IIT Bombay13.jpg

The Marathi Wikipedia has various events organised by volunteers from all over the state. Some of the notable events include,

  1. Marathi Wikipedia Vachan Prerna Saptah
  2. Wikipedia Asian Month
  3. Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din etc.

Media coverage and increased growth[edit]

Marathi Daily news paper Maharashtra Times was the first to cover and recommend 'Marathi language Wikipedia' on 27 July 2006.

Fonts and input methods[edit]

One can use ULS "अक्षरांतरण" (Transliteration) or "मराठी लिपी" (Inscript) typing options to search or edit Marathi Wikipedia articles as shown in this video clip; One can click on the 'cc to change the subtitle languages to Marathi, English, Sanskrit, Kokani, Ahirani languages.

Any one of Unicode Marathi fonts input system is fine for Marathi Wikipedia. Some people use inscript. Majority uses either Google phonetic transliteration or input facility Universal Language Selector provided on Marathi Wikipedia. Phonetic facility provided initially was java-based later supported by Narayam extension for phonetic input facility. Currently Marathi Wikipedia is supported by Universal Language Selector (ULS), that offers both phonetic keyboard (Aksharantaran, Marathi: अक्षरांतरण) and InScript keyboard (Marathi: मराठी लिपी).

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