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Marathon Media Group (also known as Marathon Studios), is a worldwide French television production company based in Paris that produces shows for all ages.

The shows are dubbed into French, Japanese, English, Thai, German, Dutch, Malay, Arabic, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages dubbed and shown around the world.

Marathon Media Group was acquired by Zodiak Entertainment and renamed Marathon Media.

Channels broadcasting Marathon Production programmes[edit]

The following networks, listed by country, broadcast Marathon Production programmes.

Marathon International[edit]

Marathon International distributes programming from Marathon and other producers in Europe, North America, and Israel such as Sunset Presse, Millésime, Zoom-Zoom, EMS, Pixcom, Graceful, Alizé, Storm, CMJ, Vox, RCN, Donna Productions, Arc Pictures, Humble Productions, IBA, Modom, Saint Thomas, Maison Carrée And Ugo Prod and Two Cats.


These are the animations produced by Marathon Production:


These are the drama series produced by Marathon Production:


These are the documentaries produced by Marathon Production:


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