Marathon Uplift

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Marathon Uplift
Marathon Uplift-Ouachita Orogen shaded relief.jpg
Exposed ridges of the Ouachita orogeny trend northeast near Marathon, Texas.
Marathon Uplift is located in Texas
Marathon Uplift
Location of Marathon Uplift in Texas
CountryUnited States
DistrictBrewster County
Range coordinates30°12′27″N 103°14′36″W / 30.20750°N 103.24333°W / 30.20750; -103.24333Coordinates: 30°12′27″N 103°14′36″W / 30.20750°N 103.24333°W / 30.20750; -103.24333
Mountain typeUplift

The Marathon Uplift is a Paleogene-age domal uplift, approximately 78 miles (126 km) in diameter, in southwest Texas. The Marathon Basin was created by erosion of Cretaceous and younger strata from the crest of the uplift.[1]

Northeast trending ridges of pre-Permian Paleozoic strata in the basin were formed by the Ouachita orogeny, which also formed the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma. The ancient faulting that produced the Llano Uplift is believed to be related to that which produced the Marathon Uplift in west Texas. Both may have been formed around the time of the Ouachita orogeny.[1]

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Novaculite flatirons in the Marathon Uplift