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The Marathwada Express is a train that connects Manmad and Dharmabad. It is also known as the High Court Express. During its journey, it connects many important places in Marathwada such as Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhani and Nanded.

Marathwada Express at Purna
Marathwada Express (Manmad - Dharmabad) route map


17688 UP Marathwada Express departs Dharmabad at 04:00 IST and reaches Manmad Junction at 13:10 IST. 17687 DOWN Marathwada Express departs Manmad Junction at 15:00 IST and reaches Dharmabad at 23:50 IST. The train covers a distance of 419 km between Manmad Junction and Dharmabad.


Thetrain connects almost all the major cities of Marathwada, hence its name Marathwada Express. People from Nanded and Parbhani districts use the train to attend sessions of the Mumbai High Court bench situated at Aurangabad, hence the train got its nickname as High Court Express. It is also known as "Manmad-Dharmabad Composite Express", since it runs as an express train between Dharmabad and Aurangabad and as a passenger train between Aurangabad and Manmad.


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