Marau Sound

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Marau Sound is a location in the Solomon Islands; it is located at the eastern end of Guadalcanal Island, in Guadalcanal Province.It was categorized as the most beautiful location of Guadalcanal with people living in number of Islands, including the mainland. People from Marau speaks areare language, where there ancestors belong.Islands of Marau Include, Tawaihi, Marapa, Niu, Marau Bina, Kosa, Rauhi, Wahere,Simeruka,Marauiapa.

The Tavanipupu Resort is also found in Marau. It was visit by Prince William and Kate in 2012.

Current governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI), Denton Hehenoro Rarawa, is from the village Poposa in Marau Sound.[1]


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Coordinates: 09°48′16″S 160°50′36″E / 9.80444°S 160.84333°E / -9.80444; 160.84333