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View over Maraval.

Maraval is one of the northern suburbs of Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain, a valley in northern Trinidad in Trinidad and Tobago. It is situated at the bottom of the hills of Paramin and located east of the Diego Martin valley to which it is connected directly by Morne Coco Road, and west of Santa Cruz valley, to which it is connected by Saddle Road.


St. Andrew's Golf Course, Maraval, Port of Spain. 1949

Maraval is considered one of the major high-income residential areas in the country, and, in combination with the Westmoorings/Goodwood Park/ Glencoe area, comes first on the list as the home of much of the island's elite such as the multi-millionaires and wealthy citizens. Some of the highest income enclaves within Maraval are Champs Elysees, Fairways, Andalucia, Haleland Park, La Seiva and Moka, with many properties in these neighbourhoods commanding prices in excess of US $2.2 million.

Similarly, many diplomats reside within this area, so there is a sizable ex-pat community in Maraval.

Maraval is sometimes referred to as "Diego Martin East". It is home to Trinity College secondary school and St. Andrew's Golf Course/Club which is considered to be one of the finest golf courses in the Caribbean[1][2][3] and arguably provides the best route of access from the capital to the North Coast.

Along with Santa Cruz, Maraval is located close to the best beaches on the island, allowing its residents quick access to downtown business and entertainment, stunning views of the mountains and easy access to the best beaches on the island.

Entertainment & Popular Culture[edit]

Maraval is also the home to many restaurants, shops, late-night cafes, and nightclubs.

Business and Banking[edit]


Maraval has branches of the major locally-operating banks, Republic Bank such as Scotiabank and well as RBTT, so residents do not have to go downtown to conduct business.

Churches & Parish Groups[edit]

There are church buildings located along the Saddle Road, Maraval, within one hundred yards of each other. These are:

Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church which falls under the title R.C. Archdiocese of Port of Spain - Parish of Maraval. Within the Catholic Church there are beautiful stained glass windows, one of which acts as a remembrance to a Roman Catholic priest, a Fr. "Alvarez", who died close to one hundred years ago. The property is quite large and includes a Parish Hall and other buildings which will be covered in this section.

There is a Presbytery which is attached to the Parish Office which is located at the front of the compound. The buildings on the compound appears to be quite old. Over the years there have been modifications to the Presbytery/ Office which have allowed the Parish Office to continue to meet the needs of the public. Air conditioning units have been added and several of the open areas have been "closed off" to facilitate the preservation of the building and its contents.

Located in the Parish Hall are a Soup Kitchen which is managed by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Maraval Conference and which offers meals to the public. Also offered to the public are gently used items of clothing for persons of all ages and sizes.

Other groups belonging to the Catholic church meet on the compound and offer services to the parishioners and the public, such as the Kids Klub, Gentle Doves and Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA).

An Anglican Church with a beautiful driveway and several buildings on its compound. This church is located close to a Massy Stores Express Outlet.

A Seventh Day Adventist Church is also located in this area.

Catholic Schools[edit]

There are at least two Catholic Schools located in the area of Maraval. These are La Seiva Catholic Primary School and Maraval R.C. School. Both primary schools serve the children of the area. The Maraval R.C. School is located in the compound of the Roman Catholic Presbytery and Parish Office, however it is located on level of the church, (Our Lady of Lourdes).


Within the one hundred yard reach of the Catholic Church is a branch of a well known fabric store Yufe's where one can obtain fabrics of different textures and styles to allow the homeowner to create drapes, cushion covers, bed spreads and clothes if that is their desire. Alternatively, one may employ the services of a dressmaker or seamstress who may purchase the material and prepare the outfit, thus reducing the time and effort taken by the individual to source an item.

Supermarkets, Green Grocers[edit]

There are two outlets of the Massy Stores which are located at either end of the Saddle Road in Maraval. Each outlet was designed to cater to the needs of the area and to suit a marketing strategy designed to offer goods and services to the population yet retain the culture of the area which is to allow the small business owner to thrive. There are several green grocers which are established throughout the area of Maraval, many of which have been long established. Some of the green grocers are situated to allow the vehicles to pull off the main road either in front of the establishment or a little way off to purchase items and merge into the roadway with ease, except during the busy hours when this may be a bit more difficult.

Boutiques, Clothing Outlets[edit]

There are several clothing outlets which are located along the Saddle Road Stretch and are positioned either in mini malls or as individual stores. Some of these stores are positioned to cater to special events such as weddings, Christmas and Easter, while some of the other clothing stores are positioned to cater to the daily needs of the average individual.


There are several pharmacies located throughout Maraval, from SuperPharm to the smaller pharmacy. All of the pharmacies have evolved to offer stationary and other items to meet the needs of the Sunday nighter who is preparing for school and needs an item for Monday.


Within the compound of the Roman Catholic Church is a cemetery which is quite old. The cemetery is located above the church and the school and appears to stretch to the sky. The cemetery has been built to cater to the needs of the parish from then to now as there are more than five hundred plots on the site. Grave markers from the past have been retained and allow for a glimpse into the history of Trinidad and Tobago.


As with many urban and suburban areas in Trinidad, Maraval is prone to flash floods during the rainy season. During this period, houses built along the main roads or close rivers and streams are in danger of being flooded.

The West Indian cricketer Learie Constantine included 'Maraval' in his full title when, in 1969, he became a Life Peer and member of the British House of Lords.

On February 5th, 2015 an El Pecos restaurant in Maraval exploded around 10:45 a.m. The explosion left 13 people severely injured and at least four were in critical condition. The explosion also destroyed the Burger King next to it, and caused millions of dollars in damages[4]


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Coordinates: 10°42′N 61°31′W / 10.700°N 61.517°W / 10.700; -61.517