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Maraval in 2009.

Maraval is one of the northern suburbs of Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain, a valley in northern Trinidad in Trinidad and Tobago. It is situated at the bottom of the hills of Paramin and located east of the Diego Martin valley to which it is connected directly by Morne Coco Road, and west of Santa Cruz valley, to which it is connected by Saddle Road.


St. Andrew's Golf Course, Maraval, Port of Spain. 1949

Maraval is considered one of the major high-income residential areas in the country, and, in combination with the Westmoorings/Goodwood Park/ Glencoe area, comes first on the list as the home of much of the island's elite such as the multi-millionaires and wealthy citizens. Some of the highest income enclaves within Maraval are Champs Elysees, Fairways, Andalucia, Haleland Park, La Seiva and Moka, with many properties in these neighbourhoods commanding prices in excess of US $1 million.

Similarly, many diplomats reside within this area, so there is a sizable ex-pat community in Maraval.

Maraval is sometimes referred to as "Diego Martin East". It is home to Trinity College secondary school and St. Andrew's Golf Course/Club which is considered to be one of the finest golf courses in the Caribbean[1] and arguably provides the best route of access from the capital to the North Coast.

Along with Santa Cruz, Maraval is located close to the best beaches on the island, allowing its residents quick access to downtown business and entertainment, stunning views of the mountains and easy access to the best beaches on the island.

Entertainment & Popular Culture[edit]

Maraval is also the home to many restaurants, shops, late-night cafes, and nightclubs.

Business & Banking[edit]

Maraval has branches of the major locally-operating banks, Republic Bank such as Scotiabank and well as RBTT, so residents do not have to go downtown to conduct business.


As with many urban and suburban areas in Trinidad, Maraval is prone to flash floods during the rainy season. During this period, houses built along the main roads or close rivers and streams are in danger of being flooded.

The West Indian cricketer Learie Constantine included 'Maraval' in his full title when, in 1969, he became a Life Peer and member of the British House of Lords.

On February 5th, 2015 an El Pecos restaurant in Maraval exploded around 10:45 a.m. The explosion left 13 people severely injured and at least four were in critical condition. The explosion also destroyed the Burger King next to it, and caused millions of dollars in damages[2]


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Coordinates: 10°42′N 61°31′W / 10.700°N 61.517°W / 10.700; -61.517