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MarBell performing in Tokyo, 2008.
Background information
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years active 2006–2010
Labels N-Records
Past members
  • Mar
  • Tsunoda Takanori
  • Azusa
  • yu-ya

Marbell (stylized as MarBell) was a Japanese rock band active from 2006 to 2010 and signed to their own independent label, N-Records. The band's clothes and outfits were all designed by famed fashion designer H. Naoto.[1]


Marbell was formed in 2006 with half-Japanese half-American model Mar on vocals and Tsunoda Takanori as guitarist, producer and arranger.[2] They were later joined by bassist Azusa and drummer yu-ya before releasing their debut album Sister on May 14, 2008.[2] The band toured throughout Japan, mainly performing live in Tokyo, but also performed at the 2008 Otakon convention in the United States.[3] Four of the songs from their album were performed by the band on May 3, 2008, on the first day of the hide memorial summit,[4] which gave Marbell the opportunity to play for a huge audience at Ajinomoto Stadium and to honor hide, whom Tsunoda was greatly inspired by.[2] The band was inactive throughout 2009.

On March 10, 2010 it was officially announced that Marbell had disbanded after only four years together.[5] Vocalist Mar has since begun a solo career under the name MAA.[6]




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