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|name = Webster L. Marbles 
|logo = 
|type =
|genre =
|fate =
|predecessor =Marble Safety Axe Company, Gladstone Manufacturing Company,  
|successor =
|foundation = 1892 (1892)
|founder = Webster Marble
|defunct = 
 |location_city = Gladstone, Michigan
|location_country = United States
|location =
|locations =
|area_served =
|key_people = Webster Marble, Frank Van Cleve
|industry = firearms
|products = rifles, gun sights, axes, hunting knives, and other outdoor accessories
|services =
|revenue =
|operating_income =
|net_income =
|aum =
|assets =
|equity =
|owner =
|num_employees =
|divisions =
|subsid =
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Marble Arms & Manufacturing Company of Gladstone, Michigan began in 1892 with the invention and manufacture of the Marble Universal Rifle Sight by Webster L. Marble.[1] Frank H. Van Cleve of Escanaba, Michigan shared patent rights on some of the early patents applied for by Webster L. Marble.[2]  Products expanded to include outdoor goods like a novel safety axe, hunting knives, match safes, compasses and the Marble Game Getter combination gun. The company grew to be foremost manufacturer of gun sights, competing with rivals such as Lyman, Redfield, Pacific, King, and Williams gun sight companies.[citation needed]  Still in business in Gladstone, Michigan, Marble Arms remains an important member of the firearm and shooting sports industry.

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