Marble Cave, Kosovo

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Marble Cave
Shpella e gadimes foto Arben Llapashtica.jpg
LocationGadime e Ulët, Kosovo
Coordinates42°28′48″N 21°12′20″E / 42.48006°N 21.205538°E / 42.48006; 21.205538Coordinates: 42°28′48″N 21°12′20″E / 42.48006°N 21.205538°E / 42.48006; 21.205538
Geologykarst limestone

The Marble Cave (Albanian: Shpella e Mermerit, Serbian: Мермерна пећина/Mermerna pećina) is a karst limestone cave in the village of Gadime e Ulët (Donje Gadimlje), in the municipality of Lipljan in Kosovo.[a] Much of it is still unexplored. The cave was found in 1966 by a villager, Ahmet Asllani, who was working on his garden.[1][2]



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