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Founded in 2001 by Ryerson University graduates Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg (who are still the executive producers/partners of the company),[1] Toronto-based marblemedia[2] is a content creation company in of television and new media production. Notable marblemedia projects include: Open Heart, a gripping mystery series, folded into a sprawling fmaily saga, set against the high-stakes workplace and relationship drama of a hospital; Splatalot;[3][4] the preschool series This is Daniel Cook, This is Emily Yeung, and This is Scarlett and Isaiah; The Dating Guy, an animated comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city; Skatoony, North America’s first animated/live-action quiz show adventure that pits tweens and toons against each other;[5] and Taste Buds, a kids cooking and food adventure series.[6] marblemedia's most recent project is Hi Opie!,[7] a live-action preschool series about a 5-year-old puppet who navigates his way through the struggles and successes of kindergarten for the first time.

The company owns a 50-acre production ranch north of Toronto, home to series "Splatalot" and "The Adrenaline Project". From their studio in Toronto's Liberty Village, the 40 person team create TV and digital content and distribute internationally through their sales arm Distribution360.



marblemedia was named Company of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards in 2008,[8] and was recognized by the Hollywood Reporter as a Next Generation Content Producer in 2009.[9] marblemedia was recently awarded a Gemini Award in the category of "Best Cross-Platform Project - Children's and Youth" for Taste Buds.


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