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Marc Biedermann is an American heavy metal guitarist, vocalist, bassist and songwriter. He is best known for as the driving force behind the progressive band Blind Illusion.[1] He has also played on Blue Öyster Cults Imaginos and Heathens Victims of Deception albums. Marc Biedermann was laying down a monstrous track for a Blind Illusion album, recorded and mastered at Hyde Street where manager of Blue Öyster Cult, Sandy Pearlman, overheard. Pearlman on the spot, went over, introduced himself, and invited Biedermann to be in the Guitar Orchestra of Imaginos.

Biedermann is currently working on a project band, named "The Ghost Kings," an energized, countrified, rock-a-billy, blues band in which he sings and plays guitar, along with Robert (Drummer) Nystrom, formerly of AfterMath, and currently with Blind Illusion, on drums, and Eric Lagosh, on slide guitar.

On July 7, 2010, Blind Illusion released the album Demon Master.


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