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Marc Blondin
Born Quebec, Canada
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Marc Blondin

Marc Blondin (born Marc Joseph Blaise) is a French Canadian professional wrestling commentator, ring announcer and promoter. He started his wrestling career in 1986 for the World Wrestling Federation and worked there until 1991. Blondin was also the main French language announcer for World Championship Wrestling, most notably for WCW Power Hour with Richard Charland, as well as the World Wrestling Federation in Quebec, Canada throughout the 1990s.[1] Since 2004, he has co-hosted the French-language version of TNA Impact![2] with Pierre-Carl Ouellette and former WWE superstar Sylvain Grenier at RDS studios.[3][4][5] He later became part owner of Top of the World Wrestling (TOW)[2] with Grenier[6][7][8] and fellow RDS announcer Jean-François Kelly. He also does English Color Commentary for the DVD releases alongside Ryan Rider who does the Play-by-Play.[9]


Marc Blondin got his start in the wrestling business with the WWF in 1986, where Guy Hauray hired him for ring announcer duties for house shows. Later that year he replaced Edouard Carpentier as the official French interviewer in the WWF. After a few years he became the on-air commentator until he left at the end of 1991.

During the early 1990s Blondin headed the French language announcers team for WCW Power Hour and other WCW programming in Quebec, Canada with Michel Letourneur and former wrestler Richard Charland. Blondin worked full-time for WCW broadcasts.[5] He and Michel Letourneur were the regular hosts for Monday Night Nitro also in Europe for Canal +. In 2001, they hosted a seven-week-long marathon of WCW pay-per-view events from Starrcade 1999 to Bash At The Beach 2000. It was around this time that Vince McMahon and the WWF purchased the bankrupt WCW and it was announced that the show would be cancelled since they could no longer broadcast shows from either promotion.[10]

Following the end of WCW Blondin continued to be involved in Canadian wrestling in Quebec and Eastern Canada.[6] In 2001, Blondin made several appearances for Jacques Rougeau, Jr.'s Lutte International 2000. During its June 1 show at the Auditorium de Verdun, Blondin addressed the 3,500 crowd with Jacques Rougeau's son Cedric opening for the professional debut 12-year-old Jean Jacques Rougeau, another of Jacques' sons, against midget wrestler Little Broken.[11] The previous month, he had appeared at a press conference with the Jacques Rougeau, Sr. and the rest of the Rougeau family to promote the event and gave a speech on the Rougeau's contributions to Canadian professional wrestling.[12]

In 2004 Blondin became the French language announcer for TNA Impact![2] with Pierre-Carl Ouellette at the RDS studios,[13] later joined by Sylvain Grenier[3][5][7] and Jean-François Kelly.[9] On May 14, 2005, Blondin appeared at Northern Championship Wrestling's ChallengeMania 13 as the Captain Buffet the cornerman of Chris Stevens in his match and helped Stevens get the victory.[14]

In the fall of 2007 Ouellette left TNA Impact! and Grenier was brought in to replace him as Blondin's co-host. While Ouellette was wrestling oversees, Blondin and Grenier continually insulted the former color commentator and referred to him as a "jobber" on air. Grenier eventually began to pick on Blondin as well triggering a 3-way kayfabe feud. This culminated in a wrestling match between Ouellette and Grenier when the former returned from England. When Ouellette and Grenier faced each other in Hawkesbury, Ontario on June 21, 2008, Blondin served as the special guest referee.[3][15] He and Grenier had posted numerous interviews on YouTube prior to the event.[4] On May 12, 2007, he and PCO with Jean-françois Kelly started Top of the World Wrestling (TOW) in Montreal. The promotion brought in many former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers to the region during its first year in operation as well as showcasing many younger Quebec wrestlers and still run to today in 2014.[6][7][8][9]

In March 2009, TOW suffered a setback with a show headlined by American wrestler Samoa Joe. When the American wrestler cancelled on the day of the show, Blondin brought in Matt Morgan to replace him.[2] On September 25, 2009, Blondin and TOW held a tribute show for Pat Patterson which was attended by Morgan, The Honky Tonk Man, Simon Dean and La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway). It was the first time Grenier and Conway had teamed together since leaving WWE in 2007. In front of over a thousand fans at Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, Blondin read a letter in the ring to Patterson celebrating his career and legacy in Canadian wrestling. The letter reportedly made Patterson's "eyes wet" during the presentation.[9]

In 2012, Marc Blondin helmed his 1000th wrestling show on French television. TOW 10 was a deception for him during that year as a promoter. After mostly running spot shows with TOW, He and his TOW team put together 4 television pilots for RDS2 and they aired every Sunday of December 2013 after being recorded on September 28. The future is bright for this project.

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