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Marc Broude (born August 23, 1984) is an American musician whose work encompasses experimental music, noise, musique concrète, industrial, psychedelic and punk.


Broude began in 2005 while living in a collective of musicians, artists, and squatters in Chicago, Illinois. In 2006 Broude formed the Crust punk band Ed Gein Motherfucker and the black metal group Zog. Zog consisted of Broude on bass and vocals, Chris Anderson and Eric Sepata on guitars, and Danny Cortez on drums and vocals; the band released a four-song EP, Revive, but proved short-lived when Cortez died ten months after the group was launched.

Broude decided to try his own hand at recording as a one-man band, and in May 2006 he released the 7" single Psychological Warfare. The single was co-produced by Judson Leach and distributed exclusively through Broude's own label, NoZen Records. Broude took a break in 2007, but returned the following year with a series of live collaborations and solo performances at independent and DIY venues. In 2009 Broude released Rites of Zen, a seventy-six-minute dark ambient piece that crafted found sounds and organic instruments into a gentle but sinister soundscape. A month later, Broude released Medicine, a fusion of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. In 2010 Broude co-released Medicine/Vespertine: A Tragedy in Several Tones of Grey with Belgian dark ambient and drone artist Sequences. In 2011 Broude reissued Psychological Warfare as free digital download after being unavailable since it sold out after its initial release in 2006. A new single, Cruel Society followed. In 2012 Broude released the EP Il Sesso Che Uccide and the full-length album NREM.

In November 2012 Broude leaked the seven song bootleg recording, Dead on Arrival and the thirty-seven-minute dada film Verrucose after announcing his departure from music.

Musical style[edit]

Marc Broude's style is eclectic and visceral using low frequency sound exploration, sprechgesang vocals, abstract lyrics, field recordings, contact mics, voltage-controlled oscillators, gongs, scordatura notation, handmade instruments and traditional instruments.

Side projects[edit]

Marc has collaborated with a diverse array of artists and groups including Richard Ramirez, Lasse Marhaug and MaCu. In 2010 Broude and Tim Lash formed Sick Spider. The duo disbanded after recording seventeen demos at a Portland, Oregon studio.

Cover songs & Remixes[edit]



  • Psychological Warfare


  • Rites of Zen
  • Medicine


  • Medicine/Vespertine: A Tragedy in Several Tones of Grey
  • Sick Spider, Sick Spider


  • Cruel Society


  • NREM
  • Il Sesso Che Uccide

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