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Photograph by Marc Bryan-Brown of Allen Morris accepting an Emmy Award on 23 October 2003.

Marc Bryan-Brown is a photographer based in Manhattan, New York, United States.[1]

Bryan-Brown was educated in England at the Dragon School in Oxford and Marlborough College in Wiltshire. He then attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.[2]

Bryan-Brown operates through Marc Bryan-Brown Photography.[3] He has photographed entertainers including Whitney Houston.[4] He has also undertaken photography for Broadway theatre productions.[1] His work has appeared in, for example, The Huffington Post,[5] The Daily Beast,[6] and Twisted Sifter.[7]

Marc Bryan-Brown married Florence Ranney Seery in 1990.[2] He is the younger brother of the theatrical press agent Adrian Bryan-Brown of Boneau/Bryan-Brown.[8]

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