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Marc David Baer is professor of international history at the London School of Economics. He researches in the shared histories of Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Europe and the Middle East. His book, Honored by the Glory of Islam (2008) won the Albert Hourani Book Award of the Middle East Studies Association of North America as the best book in Middle East studies, 2008.[1] His book, The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks (2010) was the first scholarly study of the Dönme.[2]

Baer earned his BA at Northwestern University and his PhD at the University of Chicago. Before joining the LSE in 2013, Baer lectured at Tulane University and the University of California, Irvine.[1]


  • Honored by the Glory of Islam: Conversion and Conquest in Ottoman Europe. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008. (Turkish translation, IV. Mehmet Döneminde Osmanlı Avrupasında İhtida ve Fetih, Hil, 2010)
  • The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks. Stanford, 2010. (Turkish translation, Selânikli Dönmeler: Musevilikten Dönenler, Müslüman Devrimciler, ve Laik Türkler, Doğan, 2011)


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