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Marc Jameson
Also known as Marc Jay, Marc J
Born Los Angeles, California
Genres Pop, Rock, Alternative, Electro, Drum and bass, Industrial rock, Coldwave, Trip hop
Instruments Producer, Programming, Remixer, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer
Associated acts Diatribe, Kikiwest
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Marc Jameson is a producer, producer, programmer, writer, and remixer. His credits include Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Kelly Osbourne, Matt & Kim, Static-X, Bon Jovi, and more. He began his career as an artist, in bands such as Diatribe and Kikiwest.

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Band Origins[edit]


Marc Jameson and Jacqueline Gallier formed Kikiwest in the late 90's. A trip hop duo influenced by bands like Portishead, Kikiwest found initial success by sending out four demos to four different record companies and receiving offers from every one of them.[19] Jameson and Gallier chose to sign with London/FFRR, and although the future looked bright for Kikiwest, the relationship fell apart before an album was released. Kikiwest has only had one official major release: "Creep" on She - A Female Trip-Hop Experience (2001) compilation. They continue to release independent recording of their official MySpace website.

Kikiwest Discography


Marc Jameson, Kevin Marburg, Pat Toves, Vince Montalbano, and Phil Biagini formed Diatribe in 1991 in San Jose, California. Their sound shows influence by fellow Industrial rock and Coldwave bands such as Skinny Puppy, 16Volt, and Chemlab. Grinding guitars, mechanical rhythums, vocal samples, and haunting lyrics mixed with near pop hooks made Diatribe's sound not only unorthodox for the Industrial genre at the time, but also quite accessible as well. After releasing a demo, three singles, one full-length self-titled album, and a myriad of compilation tracks and remixes, [Diatribe (band)|Diatribe] broke up sometime after 1996. Jameson's wide-ranging Diatribe album credits include Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, and Engineer.

Diatribe Discography

Also see Diatribe (band) for discography, including compilation appearances.

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