Marc Julia

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Marc Julia
Born (1922-10-23)23 October 1922
Paris, France
Died 29 June 2010(2010-06-29) (aged 87)
Residence French
Known for Julia olefination

Marc Julia (23 October 1922 – 29 June 2010) was a French chemist and the winner of the 1990 CNRS Gold Medal[1] in chemistry.[2] He discovered the Julia olefination reaction in 1973.[3]


Julia was born in 1922 in Paris as son of the renowned mathematician Gaston Julia. Julia studied at the École Normale Supérieure physics and after receiving his diploma he joined the group of Ian Heilbron at the Imperial College London where he received his first PhD. After being back to France he changed his subject to chemistry and he subsequently received his second PhD for work with Georges Dupont.[2]


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