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Marc Mezvinsky (born December 15, 1977) is an investment banker, co-founder of hedge fund Eaglevale Partners, and the husband of Chelsea Clinton.[1] Mezvinsky was formerly an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.[1] He is the son of Ed Mezvinsky, a disgraced former politician convicted of 31 counts of fraud,[2] and Marjorie Margolies.

Mezvinsky and Clinton were married in an interfaith ceremony in Rhinebeck, New York.[3] Mezvinsky is the son of former members of Congress Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (D-PA) and Edward Mezvinsky (D-IA), and was raised in the Conservative Jewish tradition.[4] The senior Clintons and Mezvinskys were friends in the 1990s and their children met on a Renaissance Weekend retreat in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.[4] They first were reported to be a couple in 2005, and became engaged over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.[5]

Following their wedding, the couple lived for three years in New York City's Gramercy Park neighborhood,[3] later purchasing a condominium in the Flatiron District of Manhattan for $10.5 million.[6] Clinton and Mezvinsky have a daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky (born 2014),[7] and are expecting their second child in mid 2016.[8]


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