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Marc Morrone
Born 1960 (age 54–55)
Bronx, New York, USA

Marc Morrone (born 1960 in Bronx, New York)[1] is an American animal dealer and breeder and host of The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone for Mag Rack.

He also hosted Petkeeping with Marc Morrone, a television program produced by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which originally ended its run on September 17, 2006, although several stations throughout the country continue to air old episodes to meet their E/I requirements. It is now back in production on the Hallmark Channel.[2][3] He currently lives with his wife and many pets.[4]

Early life and career[edit]

At age four, Morrone adopted his first pet, a parakeet named Jinxie. By age 18, Morrone’s pet collection had outgrown his parents' house. In 1978, Morrone opened a pet store "Parrots of the World." with his business partner Nick Guerra in Rockville Centre, New York. The store has since grown into a large business and as of February 2013 is still in operation.

Morrone’s television career began as a guest on the News 12 program The Family Pet. In 1995, he started a cable show, Extra Help Pet Show, later renamed Metro Pets. His practice of crowding dozens of animals in a small space on-camera was allegedly born of necessity — Morrone claimed it was needed to keep the animals warm in the unheated television studio.The local cable show led to Morrone’s guest appearances with Martha Stewart on her television program Martha Stewart Living, starting in 1997. In 2001, Hearst Entertainment began syndication of The Pet Shop With Marc Morrone.

Many animals in his care have been injured or "accidentally" killed. Here is a link to one of his videos where he places cats next to birds, and where a monkey actually grabs a cockatiel and starts to put the bird's head in his mouth.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone[edit]

In 2003, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia gave him a half-hour show, Petkeeping with Marc Morrone. The program is taped on location in his pet store. [1] Morrone was also a frequent contributor to Kids magazine, also published by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and currently hosts a weekly radio program Petkeeping for Martha Stewart Living Radio, on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Pets which have appeared on Petkeeping[edit]

List of Episodes[edit]

Episode Name Original Air Date
Kids & Kitties 09-20-2004
Dogs on the fly 10-4-2004
Bringing Up Birdie 10-18-2004
Paws with a Cause 10-25-2004
'Phibious Fun 11-15-2004
All-American Dog 11-22-2004
Bringing Home Puppy 01-31-2005
Avian Attraction 04-25-2005
Better to See You 05-02-2005
Pigeon Love song 05-09-2005
Piggies&'Toos 01-03-2011
Common Cat Problems and Solutions 01-05-2011
Reptiles 01-10-2011
Birds&Games 01-11-2011
Feathured&'Phibious 01-12-2011
Keets&Ferrets 01-18-2011
Bearded Dragons 01-19-2011
Older Pets 01-19-2011
Breed Groups 01-20-2011
The Best Toys for Your Pet 01-20-2011
Iguanas & More 01-24-2011
Wild Things 01-24-2011
Grays & Easter 01-25-2011
Is My Pet Crazy 01-25-2011
Best of MM1-2 01-26-2011
Fish 01-26-2011
Pets at Weddings 01-27-2011
Choosing Fish 01-28-2011
Mini Marc 01-31-2011
Urban Pet Keeping 02-01-2011
Common Dog Problems & Solutions 02-14-2011
Furried & Friendly 02-25-2011
Collies N Cockatiels 03-04-2011
Juniors and Pets 03-07-2011
On the Kitty Runway 03-09-2011
New to You 03-10-2011
Ring Around the Neck 03-11-2011
Manx to Skinks 03-14-2011
Cavalier and Healthy 08-08-2011
Helpin Bunnies 08-10-2011
Service Snow Pups 08-11-2011
Pionus Outdoors 08-12-2011
Turtles 01-04-2012
Communication & Compassion 01-05-2012
Small Spaces 01-13-2012
Companions for Life 01-16-2012
Secrets to a Successful Vet Visit 01-17-2012
Roots 01-18-2012
Saltwater Creatures 01-25-2012
Aqua Friends 01-26-2012
Rodents 02-01-2012
Oral Care 02-03-2012

The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone[edit]

In March 2006 Morrone was featured on Mag Rack, in the Video On Demand series The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone. The program follows a similar format as Petkeeping, and aims to offer helpful and useful advice on caring for a variety of animals. It also includes appearance by his pets including Harry, a scarlet macaw; Splash, a ferret; and Harvey, a 13-pound Flemish rabbit. Twenty five episodes were developed for the first season, and cover various topics such as alternatives to dogs as pets, housetraining pets, caring for smaller animals, and tips on setting up and maintaining aquariums.

Thieves rob "Parrots of the World"[edit]

On August 15, 2007, robbers broke into Morrone's Parrots of the World store through a back window and stole 45 parrots, including cockatoos, African greys, and a toucan. The lot was valued at over $60,000. Morrone expressed concern for the pilfered parrots because they require special food and care and could die if they become overstressed. None of the stolen birds were Morrone's pets that have appeared on television with him, although many of them also live in the store.


Morrone has authored five books, Ask The Dog Keeper, Ask The Cat Keeper, Ask The Fish Keeper and Ask the Bird Keeper, all published by Bowtie Press in 2009. A Man For All Species, a book about the adventures of an animal keeper was published by Random House in 2010.


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