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Marc with a C
Birth nameMarc Sirdoreus
Born (1978-01-17) January 17, 1978 (age 40)
GenresPop, indie, lo-fi
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals, drums
Years active1999–present
Associated actsChris Zabriskie

Marc with a C is the stage name of Marc Sirdoreus (born January 17, 1978), an indie pop singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. He has released twelve official albums and numerous other EPs and compilations since 2002.


Sirdoreus first began playing music in the Central Florida area with an alternative rock band before releasing his first solo album, Human Slushy, in 2002. Riding the local success of the first single, "Why Don't Girls Like Me?", Marc with a C won the Orlando Weekly's Best Acoustic Act award in 2003.[1]

However, production on his second release, 2004's Bubblegum Romance, was troubled. Initially conceived and recorded as what Sirdoreus describes as "a big ol' arena rock affair",[2] two years of work was scrapped and re-recorded in two days with Chris Zabriskie producing and playing drums.[3]

Sirdoreus has released one album a year since that time, including This World is Scary as Fuck, Life's So Hard, Normal Bias, Linda Lovelace for President, and Pop! Pop! Pop!. He has also released various EPs, hits compilations, and "Official Bootlegs" of live shows. In 2009, Sirdoreus announced he would be putting the mp3s of all of his albums online for free, in addition to selling CDs and mp3s through iTunes.[4]

Marc with a C is known in the Orlando area for "marathon" live shows that often span nearly three hours and include covers ranging from The Who to songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show sequel Shock Treatment.[5] Marc with a C performed at the Athens PopFest in 2008,[6] and made an appearance on WMBR's "Phoning It In" show shortly thereafter. Marc would return to the festival in 2011.[7] Marc with a C also performed at nerd music festival Nerdapalooza in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.[8][9] In both 2010 and 2011, Marc With a C was voted Orlando's Best Indie Act in the Orlando Weekly's yearly readers poll.[10][11]


  • Human Slushy (2002)
  • One Planned Slip... Live! (2003) (live album)
  • Hey Rape Girl, Vol. 1 EP (2003)
  • Bubblegum Romance (2004)
  • This World is Scary as Fuck (2005)
  • Shock Treatment (2005) (covers of songs from the film Shock Treatment)
  • Life's So Hard (2006)
  • Another Planned Slip! (2006) (live album)
  • What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C? (2007) (compilation)
  • Normal Bias (2007)
  • Share the Covers, Bitch! (2007) (covers album)
  • Linda Lovelace for President (2008)
  • Losing Salt (2009)
  • RetroLowFi: 10 Years Of Marc With a C (2009) (compilation)
  • Share the Covers, Bitch! (Part II) (2010) (covers album)
  • Pop! Pop! Pop! (2010)
  • Share the Covers, Bitch! (Part III) (2010) (covers album)
  • Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin' (2011)
  • Recorded Sound EP (2011)
  • Good Clean Fun: Marc With a C Sings The Monkees! (2012) (the Monkees covers album)
  • Live At Nerdapalooza 2011 (2012)
  • Popular Music (2013)
  • Share the Covers, Bitch! (Part IV) (2014) (covers album)
  • An Introduction To Marc With a C (2014) (compilation)
  • The Real Live Sound Of Marc With a C (2014) (live album)
  • Exactly Where I Am (2015)
  • Unicorns Get More Bacon (2016)
  • Half Serious Half Kidding EP (2017)
  • Obscurity (2018)


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