Marcantonio V Colonna

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Crest of the Colonna family.

Marcantonio V Colonna (1606/10 – 1659) was an Italian nobleman of the Colonna family and Prince of Paliano.

Colonna was the son of Don Filippo I Colonna, Prince of Paliano and his wife, Lucrezia Tomacelli. He was the brother of Anna Colonna who married Taddeo Barberini (Prince of Palestrina) and Cardinal Girolamo Colonna.[1]

Colonna married Isabella Gioeni Cardona, Princess of Castiglione and had issue including:

When Colonna's father died, it was revealed he had appointed his Cardinal son, Girolamo, as heir instead of his eldest son Frederico. The decision started a significant succession conflict upon his death. In the interim, while his older brothers fought over control of the duchy, Marcantonio Colonna served as Prince of Paliano. When Frederico died in 1641 (without issue) and Girolamo died (also without issue as was always likely considering he was a Cardinal), Marcantonio Colonna's son succeeded him as Prince and assumed the title of Duke as well.