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Marcel Ichac (22 October 1906 - 9 April 1994) was a French alpinist, explorer, photographer and film director. Born in Rueil, France, Ichac was one of the first people to introduce electronic music in cinema with Ondes Martenot for Karakoram (1936) and released the first French movie in CinemaScope, Nouveaux Horizons (1953).[citation needed]


Ichac directed movies of French explorations during the years 1930-1950.[1][2][3] Expeditions he directed include:

Additionally, Ichac captured images of mountain warfare in World War II and the liberation of Torino, Italy in Tempête sur les Alpes (1944-1945).


  • A l'assaut des Aiguilles du Diable (1945)
  • Regards vers l'Annapurna (1951)
  • Quand brillent les Etoiles de Midi (1960)



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