Marcel Sarmiento

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Marcel Sarmiento
Born United States
Occupation Film director, screenwriter

Marcel Sarmiento is a film director and writer who has created both comedy and horror films, and commercials. He wrote and directed the 2007 comedy Heavy Petting, and co-produced and directed the 2008 horror film Deadgirl,[1] and directed a segment in V/H/S Viral, released in 2015.[2] Most recently, he co-wrote, produced and directed the new thriller, "Faceless", coming in 2016.[3] In 2017, he is set to direct "The Wildness" for Bron Studios. [4]

Sarmiento wrote and directed the 'D is for Dogfight' segment of The ABCs of Death, an anthology horror film.[5][6] He also executive produced and directed the wrap-around story in V/H/S: Viral, released by Magnolia in 2014.[7]

The New York Times said of 'D is for Dogfight': "None, however, linger like “D Is for Dogfight,” a mesmeric, slow-motion ballet of brutality so distressingly realistic that you may never be able to name a dog Buddy again." [8]

Marcel has also written screenplays and adaptations for Gold Circle Films [1] and co-wrote the book, The Modern Con Man: How to Get Something for Nothing.[9]


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