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Marcela Rodríguez (born 18 April 1951) is a Mexican composer.[1]


Marcela Rodríguez was born in Mexico City. She studied the guitar and composition with Leo Brouwer of Cuba. She studied for a while in London, and then returned to Mexico City to study with Julio Estrada and Ma. Antonieta Lozano,[2] Rodríguez works have been performed internationally, including the United States, Venezuela, Spain, her opera "Las Cartas de Frida" in Heidelberg, Germany, [Moldavia]] and Greece.[3] She has taught classes of composition for opera, dance and theater in Mexico and Spain, and at the Catholic University of Colombia and the Catholic University of Washington.[4][5]


Rodriguez has composed chamber music, symphonies, concertos, opera and also for solo instruments, voice, theater and dance. Selected works include:

  • La Sunamita, opera (1991), libretto by Carlos Pereda 1988
  • Séneca, opera, libretto by Carlos Thiebaut (1993)
  • "Las Cartas de Frida" (2011), libretto by Frida Kahlo
  • "Bola Negra" text by Mario Bellatin
  • La Fábula de las Regiones
  • Concierto para guitarra y orquestra
  • Concierto para cello y orquestra
  • 2 concerts para recorder and orchestra"
  • 2 concerts for piano and orchestra"
  • Vértigos for four percussionists and orchestra
  • "Mural" for four four percussionists and Orchestra
  • "Horizonte Oaxaqueño" for symphonic band and flute trio
  • "Vértigo" for Symphonic Orchestra (2018)
  • Violin Concert (2018)


  • ASILAH for ensemble
  • TRES DANZAS for ensemble
  • "Nocturno" for solo guitar
  • "Apocalipsis" cello solo
  • "Caída" ensemble
  • 4 "lumbres" for cello solo
  • 4 piano solo pieces

Her music has been recorded and issued on CD. Selected recordings include:

  • Séneca, Audio CD (June 13, 2006) Urtext Records, ASIN: B000FII2LQ

"Funesta" letra de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz for soparna and ensemble

  • Casi Una Pregunta, Casi Una Respuesta (Almost a Question, Almost an Answer): Latin American Piano Music in the 21st Century by Martha Marchena, Aurelio de la Vega, Marcela Rodriguez, and Carlos Alberto Vazquez, Audio CD (Jun 30, 2009) MSR Classics, ASIN: B002FKFW24
  • Musica Sinfonica Mexicana Audio CD (February 18, 1997) Urtext Records, ASIN: B000005DMD


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