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Marcela Serrano (born 1951) is an award-winning Chilean novelist. In 1994, her first novel, Nosotras que nos queremos tanto, won the Literary Prize in Santiago, and her second book, Para que no me olvides, won the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize for women writers in Spanish. She received the runner-up award in the renowned Premio Planeta competition in 2001 for her novel Lo que está en mi corazón.

Carlos Fuentes has quoted her description of the modern woman as "having the capacity to change skin like a snake, freeing herself from the inevitability and servitude of more obsolete times".[1]


  • Nosotras que nos queremos tanto, 1991 - Suma de Letras (paperback 2002), ISBN 84-95501-32-5
  • Para que no me olvides, 1993
  • Antigua Vida Mia, 1995 - tr. Margaret Sayers Peden, Antigua and My Life Before: A Novel, Anchor (2001), ISBN 0-385-49802-0. Filmed by Hector Olivera in 2001.
  • Lo que está en mi corazón,[2] - Booket (paperback 2003), ISBN 84-08-04378-1
  • El albergue de las mujeres tristes, 1997 - Paperback - Oct 2, 2004
  • Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, 1999
  • Un mundo raro: Dos relatos mexicanos, 2000.
  • Lo que está en mi corazón, 2001
  • El cristal del miedo, with Margarita Maira, 2002,
  • Hasta siempre, mujercitas, 2004
  • La llorona, 2008
  • Diez mujeres, 2011
  • Dulce enemiga mía, 2013 (collection of short stories)
  • La Novena, novela, 2016

Literary Awards[edit]


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