Marcella Di Folco

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Marcella Di Folco
Marcella Di Folco
Bentivoglio (Italy)
DiedSeptember 7, 2010(2010-09-07) (aged 67)

Marcella Di Folco (7 March 1943 - 7 September 2010) was an LGBT+ activist, an actor and a politician. In her film appearances she is credited as Marcello Di Falco.

Di Folco had gender corrective surgery in 1987. In 1988 she became President of the Transsexual Identity Movement (MIT - Movimento Identità Transessuale[1]) and in 1997 vice-president of the Osservatorio Nazionale sull'Identità di Genere (National Observatory on Gender Identity, ONIG).[2][3]

She was elected municipal councilor of Bologna in 1995, with the Green party. She was the first open transwoman to hold a political public office in the world.[4] In 2014, at the 32nd Torino Film Festival, the film Una nobile rivoluzione (A Noble Revolution) by Simone Cangelosi, which tells her story had its premiere.



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