Marcelle Cahn

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Marcelle Cahn
Photo of Marcelle Cahn.jpg
Born(1895-03-01)March 1, 1895
Strasbourg, France
DiedSeptember 20, 1981(1981-09-20) (aged 86)
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Known forPainting

Marcelle Cahn (March 1, 1895 - September 20, 1981) was a French painter and one of the members of Abstraction-Création.[1][2] She was born in a Jewish family of Strasbourg, Alsace[3] and died at 86, in Neuilly-sur-Seine.[4] The French contemporary artist Richard Conte made an homage to Marcelle Cahn in 1995 at the Nicole Ferry Art Gallery (Paris).


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