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Marcello Catalano in 2008

Marcello Catalano (born July 28, 1975) is an Italian naturalist and author specializing in carnivorous plants. As a result of this interest, which began in 1985,[1] Catalano founded the Italian Carnivorous Plant Society (Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore, A.I.P.C.) and its quarterly magazine, AIPC News (later AIPC Magazine), at the end of the 1990s.[2][3][4]


From 2000 to 2004, he worked as a gardener intern at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,[5] Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney,[6] Orto Botanico di Pavia,[1] and Robert Cantley's Borneo Exotics, a wholesale nursery based in Sri Lanka that specializes in the carnivorous plant genus Nepenthes. In 2005 Catalano published Coltivare le Piante Carnivore, the first Italian book about the cultivation of carnivorous plants,[7] followed in 2009 by the English version of the same text, under the title Growing Carnivores — an Italian perspective.[8][9]

As a naturalist and explorer, since 2004 Catalano has focused his research on the Nepenthes species of Indochina,[10] and in 2010 he published the monograph Nepenthes della Thailandia, where he described 5 new taxa from Thailand: N. andamana, N. chang, N. kerrii, N. suratensis, and N. mirabilis var. globosa.[10][11][12] With Trongtham Kruetreepradit, Catalano described N. rosea in 2014,[13] N. kongkandana in 2015,[14] N. tayninhensis in 2017,[15] and N. orbiculata in 2018.[16]


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