Marcelo Frusin

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Marcelo Frusin
Born Marcelo Frusin
27 December 1967
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Area(s) Penciller
Notable works

Marcelo Frusin (born 27 December 1967, Rosario) is an international Argentine comic book artist. His notable works include a run on Hellblazer.


Frusin started his career working for the Argentine Columba Publishing house in 1993. For the Italian publisher Universo, he has illustrated the Niko Slavo series in Intrepido magazine between 1994-97. In 1998 he started working for the US market in Marvel Comics, making pencils for X-Men Unlimited, written by Tom DeFalco. He later worked for Acclaim Comics also drawing pencils for Magnus, Robot Fighter, scripted by Tom Peyer.[citation needed]

Frusin's style resembles his fellow Argentine artist Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets). Like Risso, Frusin has worked with Brian Azzarello on the Vertigo title Hellblazer,[1] where his work has become well known, before joining Azzarello on Loveless (with fellow Argentine Leonardo Manco taking over on Hellblazer art duties).[2] He has contributed to other Vertigo titles including Flinch, Weird War Tales and Weird Western Tales Special. In addition to his work for Vertigo, Frusin also illustrated two issues of Magnus, Robot Fighter, and a story for X-Men Unlimited.[citation needed]



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