March 1961 lunar eclipse

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Partial Lunar Eclipse
March 2, 1961
(No photo)
Lunar eclipse chart close-1961Mar02.png
The moon passes west to east (right to left) across the Earth's umbral shadow, shown in hourly intervals.
Series 132 (27 of 71)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)

A partial lunar eclipse took place on March 2, 1961.


Lunar eclipse from moon-1961Mar02.png

Related lunar eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

Lunar eclipse series sets from 1958–1962
Ascending node   Descending node
Saros Date
Saros Date
102 1958 Apr 4
Lunar eclipse from moon-1958Apr04.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1958Apr04.png
112 1959 Mar 24
Lunar eclipse from moon-1959Mar24.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1959Mar24.png
117 1959 Sep 17
Lunar eclipse from moon-1959Sep17.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1959Sep17.png
122 1960 Mar 13
Lunar eclipse from moon-1960Mar13.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1960Mar13.png
127 1960 Sep 5
Lunar eclipse from moon-1960Sep05.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1960Sep05.png
132 1961 Mar 2
Lunar eclipse from moon-1961Mar02.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1961Mar02.png
137 1961 Aug 26
Lunar eclipse from moon-1961Aug26.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1961Aug26.png
142 1962 Feb 19
Lunar eclipse from moon-1962Feb19.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1962Feb19.png
147 1962 Aug 15
Lunar eclipse from moon-1962Aug15.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1962Aug15.png
Last set 1958 May 3 Last set 1958 Oct 27
Next set 1963 Jan 9 Next set 1962 Jul 17

Saros series[edit]

Lunar saros series 132, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, has a total of 71 lunar eclipse events including 44 umbral lunar eclipses (32 partial lunar eclipses and 12 total lunar eclipses).

Greatest First
Lunar eclipse chart close-2123Jun09.png
The greatest eclipse of the series will occur on 2123 Jun 9, lasting 106 minutes.[1]
Penumbral Partial Total Central
1492 May 12
Lunar eclipse chart close-1492May12.png
1636 Aug 16
Lunar eclipse chart close-1636Aug16.png
2015 Apr 4
Lunar eclipse chart close-2015Apr04.png
2069 May 6
Lunar eclipse chart close-2069May06.png
Central Total Partial Penumbral
2177 Jul 11
Lunar eclipse chart close-2177Jul11.png
2213 Aug 2
Lunar eclipse chart close-2213Aug02.png
2429 Dec 11
Lunar eclipse chart close-2429Dec11.png
2754 Jun 26
Lunar eclipse chart close-2754Jun26.png

There are 11 series events between 1901 and 2100, grouped into threes (called an exeligmos), each column with approximately the same viewing longitude on earth.

1907 Jan 29 1925 Feb 8 1943 Feb 20
Lunar eclipse chart close-1907Jan29.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1907Jan29.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1925Feb08.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1925Feb08.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1943Feb20.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1943Feb20.png
1961 Mar 2 1979 Mar 13 1997 Mar 24
Lunar eclipse chart close-1961Mar02.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1961Mar02.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1979Mar13.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1979Mar13.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1997Mar24.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1997Mar24.png
2015 Apr 4 2033 Apr 14 2051 Apr 26
Lunar eclipse chart close-2015Apr04.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2015Apr04.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2033Apr14.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2033Apr14.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2051Apr26.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2051Apr26.png
2069 May 6 2087 May 17
Lunar eclipse chart close-2069May06.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2069May06.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2087May17.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2087May17.png

Half-Saros cycle[edit]

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[2] This lunar eclipse is related to two total solar eclipses of Solar Saros 136.

February 25, 1952 March 7, 1970
SE1952Feb25T.png SE1970Mar07T.png

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  2. ^ Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Jean Meeus, p.110, Chapter 18, The half-saros

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