March 2005 in Britain and Ireland

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Deaths in March[edit]

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Events in Britain and Ireland[edit]

This page deals with current events in Great Britain and Ireland, of interest to and/or involving the British or the Irish.

March 31, 2005[edit]

  • Prince Charles causes a media frenzy by calling journalists asking questions about his forthcoming marriage "these bloody people." He said of BBC reporter Nicholas Witchell "I can't bear that man. I mean, he's so awful, he really is." ((BBC News online)

March 26, 2005[edit]

March 21, 2005[edit]

March 17, 2005[edit]

  • Private Johnson Beharry is awarded the first Victoria Cross issued since 1982 for his actions in two attacks in Amarah, Iraq in May and June 2004 when he saved approx 30 comrades. He spent two weeks in a coma after the second attack. (MOD)

March 14, 2005[edit]

March 12, 2005[edit]

March 11, 2005[edit]

March 10, 2005[edit]

  • The Travers Report into illegal charging of patients in residential care in Ireland is published. The report states that 315,818 people were illegally charged for long-term residential care over the years since 1976, of which only 20,000 are still alive. Former Minister for Health Micheál Martin is now coming under pressure to resign for allowing the illegal charging to continue. (RTE)

March 7, 2005[edit]

  • Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality in the UK, suggests that black boys may have to be taught separately to improve their performance at school (BBC)

March 6, 2005[edit]

March 3, 2005[edit]

  • Snow covers parts of south-eastern England, with Kent worst affected, causing traffic and school closures throughout the region. (BBC)
  • Manchester United footballers Mads Timm, 20, and Callum Flanagan, 19, are jailed for 12 and 8 months respectively for dangerous driving. The pair caused an accident resulting in permanent injuries to another driver. (BBC)
  • Disgraced pop mogul Jonathan King will be paroled from jail on March 29. (BBC)
  • Sinn Féin suspends seven members over their alleged involvement in the murder of Belfast man, Robert McCartney, who was killed on January 30. (BBC)
  • Amid an escalating war of words between the government and the Conservative Party, UK Health Secretary John Reid visits Warrington hospital. A proposed meeting with Margaret Dixon, whose shoulder operation has reportedly been cancelled by the hospital on seven occasions, falls through, with Reid claiming her complaints have been orchestrated by Conservative Central office. Tory leader Michael Howard later writes to Reid, complaining that the Government has been "telling lies" about Conservative health policy. The affair echoes the "War of Jennifer's Ear". (BBC) (Independent).
  • One quarter of British adults have or know somebody who has been the victim of identity theft, according to a survey by Which? magazine. (BBC)

March 1, 2005[edit]

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(For earlier events in Britain and Ireland, see November 2004 and preceding months)