March 2006 tornado outbreak sequence

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March 2006 Tornado Outbreak Sequence
Tornado damage in Springfield, Illinois
TypeTornado outbreak
DurationMarch 9–13, 2006
Tornadoes confirmed99 confirmed
Max rating1F4 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak24 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes
Damage>$1 billion[1]
Fatalities11 fatalities (+2 non-tornadic), 183 injuries
Areas affectedMidwestern and Southern United States
1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale 2Time from first tornado to last tornado

The March 2006 tornado outbreak sequence was an early season and long lasting tornado outbreak sequence in the central United States that started on the morning of March 9 and continued for over four days until the evening of March 13. The outbreak produced 99 confirmed tornadoes. The tornadoes killed a total of 11 people. The total damage by the severe weather was in excess of $1 billion.[1]

Meteorological synopsis[edit]

The period of active weather started with a major derecho event on March 9 across the South Central United States, that also included several tornadoes, although straight-line winds did most of the damage. Numerous injuries and at least two fatalities were reported, but mostly due to the thunderstorm winds. The two fatalities were as a result of a weather-related automobile accident and a fire started by lightning.[2] Tens of thousands of people also lost electricity throughout the region.[3]

Activity calmed down on March 10 with little severe weather reported, but picked up again the next day.

On the evening of March 11, 18 tornadoes developed across the region. One of them flattened a mobile home park and left many people injured and at least 2 dead in Perry County, Missouri. Several other tornadoes left heavy damage in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. The tornadoes were accompanied by very large hail, some as large as softballs.

More severe weather developed in the morning of March 12. The Kansas City Metropolitan Area was hardest hit, with significant wind and hail damage to many homes and businesses, but only two tornadoes in the far northwestern part of the area.[4] Significant damage was also reported at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and at the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park. Numerous airplanes also flipped over at the Kansas City Downtown Airport.[5]

March 12 would be the most prolific day of the outbreak, and one of the most active days in recent history, with at least 62 confirmed tornado touchdowns. In addition, microburst winds exceeding 90 mph (145 km/h) and hail as large as softballs have been reported. Several major tornadoes were reported in Missouri (along Interstate 70 near Columbia MO; there was also an F4 tornado to the north/northeast of Columbia and just to the north of the St. Louis Viewing Area). Significant destruction from separate tornadoes was dealt to Pike County Missouri (north of St. Louis) as well as central Illinois.

One exceptionally long-lived supercell thunderstorm was responsible for many of the tornadoes on March 12. This storm began in the morning over northern Oklahoma before embarking on a nearly 800 mile (1290 km) journey northeast across southeastern Kansas, Missouri during the afternoon and early evening, into Illinois during the mid-to-late evening, through Indiana by the late evening, and into lower Michigan where it lost severe characteristics more than 17.5 hours after inception. This is one of the longest documented path and duration of a supercell on record. The city of Springfield, Illinois saw two strong tornadoes track directly through the city from this storm. It also did damage near Sedalia, Columbia, and Mexico, Missouri. The strongest tornado, spawned by a different supercell, was a rare double tornado rated F4, but fortunately it remained over mainly rural countryside.

Fifteen more tornadoes – all of them weak – were reported on March 13 in Alabama and Mississippi before the system finally weakened and the severe weather came to an end.

Confirmed tornadoes[edit]

Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 45 26 16 11 1 0 99

March 9 event[edit]

List of confirmed tornadoes – Thursday, March 9, 2006
Time (UTC)
Path length
F1 SE of Scott Lonoke 1140 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Tornado overturned a recreational vehicle and damaged roofs on several homes. A few fences were blown down, and some trees were uprooted.[6]
F2 SW of Morton to NW of Fairoaks Woodruff, Cross 1250 8 miles
(12.5 km)
The tornado damaged 18 homes in Woodruff County. A large metal building housing a welding shop was destroyed. A church lost a large part of its roof, with several windows blown out. A hunting lodge also suffered considerable roof damage. Several large grain bins were damaged, and a number of outbuildings were destroyed. In Cross County, the tornado heavily damaged 5 homes. One mobile home was displaced 100 feet from its foundation and damaged. A large metal storage shed was severely damaged with its roof removed and several large steel cross beams twisted. Several other outbuildings and barns were damaged. Many trees, power lines and power poles were also blown down along the path.[7]
F0 SW of Lockesburg Sevier 1333 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Damage limited to a few trees uprooted or broken.[8]
F1 Center Point to NE of Nathan Howard, Pike 1355 11 miles
(17 km)
Two homes sustained roof damage, and many trees were snapped and uprooted. A barn was destroyed as well.[9]
F1 SW of Kirby to SE of Glenwood Pike 1414 8 miles
(13 km)
Tornado damaged a barn at the Kirby School, as well as a backstop at the ball field. Other barns and roofs were damaged further along the path, and many trees and power lines were downed.[10]
F1 Sardis Panola 1738 100 yd
(90 m)
Tornado touched down near downtown Sardis and moved northeast. Five homes were totally destroyed. Several businesses and fifteen other homes were damaged. Many trees and power lines were knocked down.[11]
F0 NW of Liberty Amite 2105 unknown Brief tornado touchdown, no damage reported.[12]
F1 Dexter Stoddard 2334 1 mile
(1.6 km)
A Wal-Mart sustained significant damage to its roof and auto shop bay doors, and light standards anchored by concrete three feet into the ground were pulled out. At a car dealership, about 50 cars were damaged by wind-blown debris, with windows broken. At a mobile home dealership, an unsecured mobile home trailer was turned on its side and pushed next to another trailer. A church lost its steeple and 4 to 6 feet of its roof, and brick fascia was damaged. A second church near Highway 60 sustained damage to the upper portions of the front wall. A restaurant next to the church sustained structural damage when the upper portion of a wall was blown in. Two residences received moderate damage, and a heavy equipment shed was blown down. A motel reported that eight units lost parts of their roofs. Several billboards on Highway 60 were heavily damaged. A utility pole was snapped off as well.[13]
F0 S of Sedalia Pettis 2334 unknown Tornado damaged a barn and snapped power poles.[14]
Sources: Memphis office[permanent dead link], Little Rock office, National Climatic Data Center

March 10 event[edit]

There were no reported tornadoes on Friday, March 10, 2006

March 11 event[edit]

Note that many of these tornadoes occurred in the late evening of March 11 in Central Standard Time; the UTC time after 0600 is on March 12.

List of confirmed tornadoes – Saturday, March 11, 2006
Time (UTC)
Path length
F0 SW of Branson Taney 2235 unknown Damage was limited to trees and power poles.[15]
F0 N of Vanzant Douglass unknown unknown A mobile home was flipped over.[16]
F0 SE of Rolla Phelps 0205 50 yd
(45 m)
Minor tree damage occurred.[17]
F2 S of Centerville to NW of Silver Mine Reynolds, Iron, Madison 0231 26 miles
(42 km)
Tornado began in Reynolds County, where trees were snapped and uprooted. In Iron County, the tornado flattened a quarter-mile wide swath of trees in the Mark Twain National Forest. A house and a barn in this area sustained roof and siding damage. Additional trees were downed in Madison County before the tornado dissipated.[18]
F1 E of Oak Grove Madison 0248 0.9 miles
(1.5 km)
Some trees were snapped and uprooted.[19]
F1 SW of Mine La Motte to NE of Womack Madison, St. Francois, Sainte Genevieve 0254 8.5 miles
(14 km)
Barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed, a mobile homes was destroyed, and many trees were downed along the path.[20]
F0 SE of Festus Jefferson 0340 0.1 mile
(200 m)
Damage limited to a few trees along the very short and narrow path.[21]
F3 SE of Festus to Fults, Illinois Jefferson, Monroe (IL) 0342 4.8 miles
(7.8 km)
Near Festus, the tornado snapped trees and destroyed four homes. Other homes and outbuildings in the area suffered minor to moderate damage. Two metal high-tension towers were blown down as well. Tornado crossed into Illinois and struck Fults before dissipating, where trees were snapped, sheds were destroyed, and homes and businesses sustained roof damage.[22]
F3 NE of Womack to NW of Tamaroa, Illinois Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Randolph (IL), Perry (IL) 0342 54 miles
(87 km)
2 deaths – Large, long-tracked tornado. At the beginning of the path near Womack, the tornado destroyed three mobile homes, two barns, a machine shed, and a garage. In Perry County, the tornado tossed a pickup truck into a large propane tank, killing the two occupants. Three mobile homes were flattened, a brick house had its roof and had several walls blown off, and numerous vehicles were tossed around in this area, and several people were injured when they were thrown about 100 yards from their residences. The tornado passed near St. Mary before crossing into Illinois and passing just north of Chester, downing trees, destroying outbuildings, and damaging a recreational complex. Some metal high-tension towers were downed near Bremen, and a mobile home and several outbuildings were destroyed. A house sustained considerable structural damage and garages were destroyed near Steeleville as well. Further along the path near Pinckneyville, some coal trucks were blown over, hogs were killed at a farm, and a modular home was totally destroyed. A home had shingles torn off and some outbuildings were damaged near Tamaroa before the tornado dissipated. Extensive tree and power line damage occurred along much of the path. 14 people were injured.[23]
F0 E of Independence Pike 2115 100 yd
(90 m)
Damage was minimal and limited to a few trees.[24]
F0 Milton Pike 2120 100 yd
(90 m)
Two garage doors and an awning were damaged at a house. Many tree limbs were downed in town as well.[25]
F1 SW of Keenes Wayne 0555 1 mile
(1.6 km)
An old schoolhouse was destroyed, mostly due to a large tree falling on it. Numerous other very large trees were uprooted and snapped. Boards were impaled into the ground, and one home sustained extensive roof damage. Two barns were destroyed, and several other barns were damaged. Tornado injured one calf, and left "swirl marks" in farm fields.[26]
F0 Ozark area Franklin 0344 unknown Brief tornado touchdown. No damage reported.[27]
F1 SE of Evening Star Searcy 0545 0.8 mile
(1.3 km)
Tornado overturned a travel trailer and a lawn tractor. Tin was also removed from the roofs of two barns, and a few trees were downed as well. Tornado had trouble touching down, and damage was mostly limited to hilltops.[28]
F0 SW of Byron Fulton 0640 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Damage limited to some trees that were snapped and uprooted.[29]
F1 NW of Shady Point Le Flore 0612 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Tornado was embedded in a bow-echo. Destroyed two chicken houses, severely damaged several homes, destroyed sheds and outbuildings, snapped and uprooted a number of trees, and blew down power lines and power poles.[30]
Sources: Storm Reports 03/11, Paducah office, Little Rock office, St. Louis office, Sam's Weather[permanent dead link], National Climatic Data Center

March 12 event[edit]

Note that some of these tornadoes occurred overnight into March 13, however they were part of the same continuous outbreak.

List of confirmed tornadoes – Sunday, March 12, 2006
Time (UTC)
Path length
F0 SW of Boaz Massac 1131 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Tornado developed at the end of a path of wind damage. Dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted. Two barns were destroyed, and a side wall of a third barn was blown out. Power poles were snapped or blown down along Highway 169. A mobile home near Boaz was unroofed and severely damaged.[31]
F2 NW of Kampsville to Springfield Calhoun, Pike, Greene, Scott, Morgan, Sangamon 0104 66 miles
(105 km)
Long-tracked tornado damaged outbuildings and downed trees near Kampsville before crossing into Pike County, where additional tree damage occurred and a barn was damaged. The tornado then crossed into Greene County and struck the town of Hillview, where homes and a brick building sustained minor damage. Several large limbs and a few large trees were also downed in town. The neighboring town of Patterson was also hit, where number of homes sustained varying degrees of damage while one house trailer was severely damaged. Several farms near both of the towns were damaged as well, some heavily. The tornado continued through Scott and Morgan counties, where farms, trees, and power lines were damaged and one person was injured. The tornado struck the city of Springfield before dissipating, where many homes, industrial buildings, and businesses were severely damaged, extensive tree and power line damage occurred, and 19 people were injured.[32]
F1 Barrow Greene 0120 3.5 miles
(5.5 km)
Tornado struck Barrow, destroying two house trailers and damaging a number of homes in town. A few grain bins and machine sheds were damaged outside of town as well. Two people were injured.[33]
F1 NW of Barrow Greene, Scott 0122 2 miles
(3 km)
In Greene County, a home on a farmstead sustained minor damage while two machine sheds were destroyed. Three other machine sheds were destroyed elsewhere.[34]
F1 W of Manchester Scott, Morgan 0129 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Damage to trees, power poles, and outbuildings, as well as mainly minor damage to homes and businesses.[35]
F1 NE of Franklin Morgan, Sangamon 0158 11.5 miles
(19 km)
Several farm buildings were damaged, along with trees and power lines.[36]
F2 Springfield Sangamon 0225 4 miles
(6.5 km)
Second F2 tornado struck Springfield after the first one dissipated. Several homes had roofs torn off, with extensive damage to power poles and lines, along with numerous downed trees.[37]
F2 S of Riverton to NE of Buffalo Sangamon 0245 12.5 miles
(21 km)
Homes and barns were severely damaged, and power poles were snapped. Major tree damage occurred, and 4 people were injured.[38]
F2 E of Cornland to SW of Mount Pulaski Logan 0257 2.5 miles
(4 km)
Tornado snapped numerous trees and power poles, and a 400-foot microwave tower was toppled.
F2 S of Mount Pulaski Logan 0302 3.5 miles
(5.5 km)
Tornado damaged homes, snapped trees and power poles, and several large steel power poles were toppled.[39]
F1 SW of Latham to SW of Maroa Logan, Macon 0303 10 miles
(16 km)
Numerous trees were blown down and several outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.[40]
F1 SW of Maroa Macon, De Witt 0316 8 miles
(12.5 km)
Tornado blew down numerous trees and damaged several outbuildings.[41]
F0 SE of Elliot Ford 0500 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Tornado damaged several outbuildings, scattering debris across a field.[42]
F0 E of Linwood Leavenworth 1425 unknown Minor structural damage was noted at several residences and outbuildings. Gravel was blown off of a road surface, and corn stalks reportedly fell out of the sky following the tornado.[43]
F0 SE of La Cygne to NW of Adrian, Missouri Linn, Bates (MO) 2020 22 miles
(35 km)
Unusually long-tracked weak tornado. Damage in Kansas was limited to trees, though in Missouri the tornado struck the town of Amsterdam, damaging several buildings.[44]
F1 NW of Sibley to SE of Richmond Jackson, Ray 1512 unknown Tornado first downed trees and power lines near Sibley before striking Orrick, where a gas station was destroyed and a school had its roof blown off.[45]
F0 Norborne to E of Carrollton Carroll 1550 unknown Minor damage to buildings, trees, and power lines.[46]
F0 NW of Huntsville Randolph 1646 unknown Tornado remained in rural areas with no significant damage.[47]
F0 N of Madison Monroe 1657 unknown Brief tornado touchdown with damage limited to a few trees.[48]
F0 S of Hassard Ralls 1725 unknown Brief tornado in an open field and was seen sucking water out of a pond. One outbuilding was damaged.[49]
F0 NE of La Monte to NE of Blackwater Pettis, Cooper 2150 28 miles
(45 km)
Damage near La Monte was limited to trees, though a tractor-trailer was flipped on I-70 near Blackwater.[50]
F1 E of Calhoun to W of Manila Henry, Benton, Pettis 2150 unknown Homes and barns were damaged.[51]
F2 S of Sedalia Pettis 2212 11 miles
(17 km)
1 death – Numerous homes suffered varying degrees of damage. A woman was killed when a trailer was thrown on top of her. 6 people were injured.[52]
F1 W of Syracuse Morgan 2225 1 mile
(1.6 km)
One house and several trees were damaged.[53]
F0 W of Otterville Cooper 2230 unknown Brief tornado caused some tree damage.[54]
F0 SW of Fayette Howard 2233 unknown No damage reported. Tornado remained in rural areas.[55]
F0 SW of Molino Audrain 2325 6 miles
(9.5 km)
Tornado damaged a barn, a grain bin, and some outbuildings.[56]
F0 W of New Hartford Pike 0027 1 miles
(1.6 km)
Damage limited to a few trees.[57]
F1 W of Ashley Pike 0030 5 miles
(8 km)
Tornado impacted several farms, damaging or destroying grain bins and outbuildings. Trees were downed as well.[58]
F2 Butler to SE of Blairstown Bates, Cass, Henry 0152 26 miles
(42 km)
1 death – Damage in Bates County was limited to trees, power lines, and a barn. Several structures were damaged near Creighton before the tornado crossed into Henry County, where a house was destroyed near Urich, resulting in a fatality. 13 people were injured.[59]
F0 N of Monserrat to SW of Houstonia Johnson, Pettis 0154 unknown Damage was minimal.[60]
F2 NW of Houstonia to E of Marshall Pettis, Saline 0207 20 miles
(32 km)
Damage was confined to Saline County. Numerous roofs were removed from houses and a church was destroyed. Many cars were flipped on Interstate 70 and six injuries were reported. Two of the injuries occurred underneath an overpass when a semi-truck crushed two vehicles.[61]
F3 S of Marshall to E of Armstrong Saline, Howard 0228 35 miles
(56 km)
Large tornado. In Saline County, the tornado destroyed a farmstead. Several farmsteads were also damaged in Howard County as well before the tornado dissipated.
F0 NW of Nelson Saline 0238 6 miles
(9.5 km)
Small tornado that was absorbed by the larger F3 Marshall/Armstrong tornado. The merger was reportedly similar to what was seen near Hesston/Goessel, Kansas in 1990.[62]
F2 SW of La Monte Johnson, Pettis 0240 13 miles
(21 km)
Several houses suffered significant damage along the path. 4 people were injured.[63]
F2 E of Sheldon to SE of Vista Vernon, Cedar, St. Clair 0247 38 miles
(61 km)
1 death – At the beginning of the path near Virgil City, a church and 6 homes were destroyed. Near El Dorado Springs in Cedar County, 47 structures were damaged and 26 were destroyed, including homes and businesses. One man was killed by flying debris in his home in that area. In St. Clair County, 4 structures were damaged and a house was destroyed. Trees and power lines were downed as well. 7 people were injured.[64]
F0 S of Arbela Scotland, Clark 0302 7 miles
(11 km)
Tornado damaged the roof of a farm house, along with some trees.[65]
F3 E of Higbee to SE of Madison Randolph, Monroe 0318 20 miles
(32 km)
4 deaths – In Randolph County, major damage occurred just north of Renick, with 30 homes and 3 businesses destroyed. 30 other homes were damaged. 13 college students were injured in this area when their bus was flipped by the tornado. In Monroe County, the tornado damaged farms and trees. A mobile home was destroyed south of Madison before the tornado dissipated. A total of 26 people were injured.[66]
F0 Boston to SE of Weaubleau Barton, Dade, Cedar, Polk, Hickory 0318 40 miles
(64 km)
Long-tracked, but weak and intermittent tornado caused only tree damage along its path.[67]
F1 SE of Seneca Newton 0322 7 miles
(11 km)
Damaged 40 structures across rural sections of the county. The tornado also struck a turkey farm killing around 200 turkeys prior to lifting. One person was injured.[68]
F4 SE of Madison to Monroe City Monroe 0333 25 miles
(40 km)
At the beginning of the path, the tornado impacted homes and farm buildings in rural areas of Monroe County. Two well-built homes were destroyed in that area, with one that was completely leveled. A pickup truck was thrown 100 yards into the living room of the other home, which only had one wall left standing. Debris from the leveled home was found a half-mile away. The tornado continued east, destroying 2 mobile homes and damaging 2 other homes. Numerous trees were snapped in this area. At one point, the circulation split in two, and a double funnel/damage path was observed. The tornado weakened and struck Monroe City before dissipating, where several mobile homes were destroyed on the west side of town. A church sustained considerable roof and wall damage, and other buildings suffered roof damage.[69]
F0 Neosho Newton 0345 0.1 mile
(200 m)
Brief tornado touchdown in a neighborhood heavily damaged the roof of a house.[70]
F3 N of Verona to Battlefield Lawrence, Christian, Greene 0400 40 miles
(64 km)
2 deaths – Large tornado touched down near Verona, destroying 21 structures and damaging 46 in that area. In Christian County, major structural damage occurred, mainly in a subdivision near Nixa. 138 structures were damaged while 127 structures were destroyed in that area. The tornado weakened to F2 strength as it entered the southern suburban areas of Springfield, where 27 homes were damaged before the tornado dissipated. 8 people were injured. Tornado followed a path similar to that of another F3 that occurred on May 4, 2003.[71]
F2 Gravois Mills Morgan 0415 6 miles
(10 km)
Tornado tracked directly though town. 20 homes were destroyed, and 10 others were damaged. 5 people were injured.[72]
F3 Carsons Corner Hickory 0417 unknown Heavy damage occurred in the small community. At least 20 houses, a church, many boats and outbuildings, and several business buildings were destroyed. A golf course sustained severe damage. 19 people were injured.[73]
F2 NW of Fordland to N of Diggins Webster 0505 8 miles
(13 km)
Multiple homes and barns were damaged or destroyed. 13 people were injured, including a teenager who was thrown 1,307 feet from his trailer home.[74]
F3 N of Diggins to NE of Competition Webster, Wright, Laclede 0515 31 miles
(50 km)
Large wedge tornado caused major structural damage in Webster County before crossing into Wright County, where 23 structures were damaged and 6 were destroyed. 6 homes were damaged in Laclede County before the tornado dissipated.[75]
F0 NW of Cole Camp Benton 0525 3 miles
(4.8 km)
A few barns and outbuildings were damaged.[76]
F2 NE of Guthrie to E of Fulton Callaway 0530 13 miles
(22 km)
Near the beginning of the path, a house was pushed 25 feet off of its foundation, injuring the two occupants. Another nearby home sustained roof damage. Barns and outbuildings were damaged near Fulton, and extensive tree damage occurred along the path.[77]
F0 NW of Florence Morgan 0531 6 miles
(9.5 km)
Only minor tree damage reported from the tornado.[78]
F1 SW of Tebbetts to E of Portland Callaway, Osage 0535 17 miles
(28 km)
A mobile home was flipped onto its side near Tebbetts. Near Chamois, barns were damaged and sheds were destroyed, scattering debris up 500 yards away. Trees were downed as well.[79]
F0 NE of Chamois to N of Bluffton Osage, Callaway, Montgomery 0543 6 miles
(10 km)
Damage was limited to trees, power lines, and a few outbuildings.[80]
F3 Jonesburg to NW of Warrenton Montgomery, Warren 0600 6 miles
(10 km)
In Jonesburg, a portable toilet business sustained roof damage and the CC Pallet company was destroyed. Two mobile homes were destroyed, and other homes sustained roof damage. A mobile home and a tractor trailer were flipped. East of town, severe tree damage occurred and a house was destroyed. Two other nearby homes sustained roof damage, and barns and outbuildings were destroyed. Damage in Warren County was limited to trees. One person was injured in Jonesburg.[81]
F3 N of Bellflower to NE of Annada Montgomery, Lincoln, Pike, Calhoun (IL) 0720 37 miles
(60 km)
A house was damaged at the beginning of the path before the tornado struck Gamma, where two homes suffered major roof damage, and a barn and several outbuildings destroyed. In Lincoln County, the tornado strengthened and destroyed a house north of Olney. North of Silex, a house and a machine shed were heavily damaged, and a travel trailer and a pickup truck were flipped. Further east, several farms and homes sustained minor damage, an old barn and a metal shed were destroyed, and a garage had its door buckled and windows blown out. Tornado crossed into Illinois before dissipating. Extensive tree damage occurred along much of the path. 6 people were injured.[82]
F1 E of Millwood Lincoln 0736 unknown A barn and 2 grain bins were destroyed. Several other buildings had roof damage.[83]
F3 N of Peggs to NE of Colcord Cherokee, Delaware 0305 27 miles
(44 km)
In Cherokee County, several homes received minor damage, outbuildings were destroyed, power lines were downed, and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted. In Delaware County, the worst damage occurred near Twin Oaks, with 95 homes impacted, 42 of which were destroyed. 5 businesses were damaged as well. Many trees and power lines were downed and 8 people were injured.[84]
F3 SE of Colcord to SW of Bentonville, Arkansas Delaware, Benton (AR) 0305 unknown In Oklahoma, the tornado destroyed two chicken houses, damaged homes, destroyed outbuildings, snapped or uprooted numerous trees, and downed power poles. Tornado crossed into Arkansas, where a mobile home was destroyed, a pickup truck was rolled and destroyed, and several homes sustained major damage to their roofs near Bloomfield. Major damage occurred further along the path in and around Gentry and Centerton, where 75 homes were damaged or destroyed. 12 people were injured.[85]
F2 Bentonville Benton 0349 5 miles
(8 km)
Major damage occurred in town, where 125 homes were damaged or destroyed.[86]
F1 N of Urbanette Carroll, Stone (MO) 0457 6 miles
(10 km)
Remained over mostly rural countryside, knocking down many trees. Damage to buildings was minor.[87]
Sources: Storm Reports 03/12, Springfield (MO) office, Pleasant Hill/Kansas City office, Tulsa office, St. Louis office, Lincoln office, Sam's Weather, National Climatic Data Center

March 13 event[edit]

List of confirmed tornadoes – Monday, March 13, 2006
Time (UTC)
Path length
F0 NE of Winona Montgomery 1950 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Damage limited to some downed trees.[88]
F0 NW of Walthall Webster 2018 unknown Brief tornado caused no damage.[89]
F0 N of Clarkston Webster 2026 unknown Tornado downed trees and damaged the roof of a house.[90]
F0 NW of West Point Clay 2140 unknown Tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[91]
F0 SW of Sulligent Lamar 2206 0.25 mile
(400 m)
Two barns sustained roof damage.[92]
F0 N of Fayette Fayette 2245 1 mile
(1.6 km)
One mobile home was destroyed and trees were downed.[93]
F1 E of Winfield Fayette 2254 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Numerous trees were uprooted but no structures were damaged.[94]
F0 S of Kennedy Lamar 2315 3 miles
(4.8 km)
Mobile homes were damaged and many trees were downed.[95]
F1 NE of Jasper Walker 2336 0.2 mile
(300 m)
Numerous trees were blown down on the south shore of Lewis Smith Lake. Two barns also suffered heavy damage, one of which was completely destroyed.[96]
F0 NW of Samantha to SE of Newtonville Tuscaloosa, Fayette 2343 3.4 miles
(5.5 km)
Damage was limited to broken tree limbs.[97]
F0 NE of Arkadelphia to NW of Hayden Cullman, Blount 2354 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Minor damage to trees and a mobile home.[98]
F0 N of Samantha Tuscaloosa 2354 0.1 mile
(150 m)
Brief tornado with little or no damage.[99]
F0 SW of Hanceville (1st tornado) Cullman 0045 unknown Trees were downed.[100]
F0 SW of Hanceville (2nd tornado) Cullman 0047 unknown Trees were downed.[101]
F0 SW of Hanceville (3rd tornado) Cullman 0045 unknown Trees were downed.[102]
Sources: Storm Reports 03/13, Birmingham office, Huntsville office, Sam's Weather, National Climatic Data Center

Nontornadic events[edit]

Quad Cities Area[edit]

Extremely strong winds were recorded throughout northwestern Illinois and eastern Iowa. A record wind gust of 107 mph (172 km/h) was recorded at the Quad Cities Airport in Moline. The wind measurement was verified with backup equipment from the FAA after the main instrument failed.

The winds, which were equivalent to a strong Category 2 hurricane, caused severe damage to numerous houses, along with countless trees and power lines. The damage was reported to have been caused by a microburst.

Northern Illinois[edit]

A microburst containing winds between 85 mph (137 km/h) and 100 mph (162 km/h) was reported in Bridgeview, a south suburb of Chicago. The microburst hit the area just after midnight on March 13, and may have been part of a supercell to hit the southern suburbs just before the thunderstorm complex exited the area at 3:00 a.m. CST. Roofs were ripped off apartments along a three block length, and seven garages were damaged or destroyed, according to the Chicago Tribune'.[103] Harlem Avenue in Bridgeview (Illinois Route 43) in the vicinity of 77th Street was closed for four hours while debris was cleared from the road.

Flash flooding closed U.S. Route 45 around U.S. Route 30, but major flooding was not reported on any of the area highways during the rush hour. 15,000 customers were left without power as the thunderstorms passed. The number had been reduced to 2,000 by daybreak, but strong winds knocked a total of 17,000 customers offline as of midday Monday.[104]

Strong winds also forced the closure of parts of downtown Evanston when building material blew off a 29-story building, slightly injuring a construction worker. Four more construction workers were injured, one seriously, in Antioch when a roof being constructed for a new church collapsed due to the wind. A Wind Advisory was issued by the National Weather Service, indicating sustained winds of at least 30 mph (50 km/h) and gusts of up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

Eastern Illinois[edit]

Both Ford County, Illinois and Iroquois County, Illinois recorded damage due to microbursts. In Ford County along Illinois Route 9, power poles were snapped and damage to vehicles was recorded and attributed to a microburst which had winds between 85 mph (137 km/h) and 100 mph (162 km/h). In Iroquois County, most of a cattle building was blown into a field just west of Illinois Route 1 near Milford. This microburst had reported winds of 90 mph (145 km/h).

Damage around Crescent City and Interstate 57 in Iroquois County was likely caused by straight-line winds. [105]

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