March 2010 Carolinas tornado outbreak

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March 2010 Carolinas tornado outbreak
Type Tornado outbreak
Duration March 28, 2010
Tornadoes confirmed 13 known
Max rating1 EF3 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 ~19 hours
Damage Unknown

1Most severe tornado damage; see Enhanced Fujita scale

2Time from first tornado to last tornado

The March 2010 Carolinas tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that affected the Southeast United States and The Bahamas on March 28, 2010.

A low pressure system pushed northward through the Ohio Valley on March 28. Several tornadoes were reported in the warm sector stretching from Virginia south to Florida. The Piedmont Triad was hardest hit. A tornado emergency was declared for parts of Forsyth, Randolph, Davidson, and Guilford counties.[1] Damage was also reported near Charlotte.[2] An EF3 tornado struck High Point, NC. An EF2 tornado hit Linwood in Davidson County, NC,[3][4] and 2 more EF2 tornadoes struck south-central South Carolina.

High Point tornado[edit]

An EF3 tornado struck High Point, North Carolina, causing 3 injuries and destroying or damaging many structures. The tornado touched down as a 100-mph EF-1 in southwest Guilford County, severely damaging a daycare center and flipping an unoccupied school bus. The tornado moved north across Highway 311 and gained intensity, becoming an EF2 that caused significant damage to structures in the area, including blowing a bedroom off of a single-story home.

It briefly reached EF3 in intensity when it entered a residential area, removing the second story off of a 2-story home and damaging or destroying 50-60 homes in the neighborhood. The tornado weakened to an EF2 and moved into a highly urbanized area, causing minor to moderate damage, and again removing the 2nd story off of a 2-story home.

The storm finally weakened to an EF1 and finally lifted just north of Oak Hollow Lake.[5][6]

This was the first EF3 tornado to strike the Piedmont Triad region since May 8, 2008, when an EF3 tornado struck Clemmons, just outside Winston-Salem. The tornado caused $9.95 million in property damage, destroying 40 homes and businesses and damaging another 609 structures.[7] The mayor of High Point declared a state of emergency.[8]

Freeport tornado[edit]

A tornado of unknown strength hit the Freeport port, toppling a crane and killing 3 workers and injuring 4 more.[9] Concerns have been raised within the Bahamian government that there was no tornado warning issued by the Bahamas Department of Meteorology.[10]

Confirmed tornadoes[edit]

March 28, 2010[edit]

F# Location County Time (EST) Path length Damage
EF0 Melbourne Brevard 05:50 PM 2.4 miles Several windows broken out of a residence by flying debris.[11]
North Carolina
EF1 Belmont Gaston 05:44 PM 200 yards 1 Injury. Damage to a mill, one overturned tractor-trailer, and a mobile home park.[12]
EF1 Spencer Rowan 06:45 PM 3.38 Miles Damage to a shopping center, a fast food restaurant, several cars, and several homes.[12]
EF2 Linwood Davidson 06:55 PM 1 mile 5 inj. Complete destruction of 3 mobile homes and significant damage to 2 others, one carport ripped off of a brick building, and damaged a metal building at an empty flea market.[13][14]
EF1 4 miles NE of Thomasville Davidson 07:15 PM 0.6 - 0.7 miles 1 mobile home completely destroyed when it was thrown into a nearby lake (residents swam to safety), 5-6 mobile homes sustained significant damage from falling trees. Further damage to a carport and other nearby trees.[13]
EF3 High Point Guilford 07:30 PM 5 miles 3 inj. Significant damage to a daycare facility "Apple Tree", wiped out Calloway Farms Trailer Park of Westover Drive, damaging or destroying over 600 homes and businesses.[6]
EF1 2.5 miles ESE of Timberlake Person 11:55 PM 4 miles. Damage to 3 modular homes (1 from winds, 2 from falling trees), a barn, and trees.[15]
South Carolina
EF1 8 miles NNW of Martinez McCormick 05:06 PM unk. Damage to trees in the Sumter National Forest and surrounding areas.[2]
EF2 8 miles ENE of Martinez Edgefield 10:24 PM unk. Damage to numerous trees and powerlines, 2 homes, a mobile home, and a motor home.[2]
EF2 5 miles N of Leesville Lexington 11:25 PM 6 miles Dissipated over Lake Murray.[2]
EF0 5.6 miles SW of Cluster Springs Halifax 10:02 PM 0.25 miles One mobile home destroy and several homes damaged. One large cedar tree uprooted.[16]

March 29[edit]

F# Location County Time (EST) Path length Damage
South Carolina
EF0 9 miles SSW Winnsboro Fairfield 12:03 AM unk. Weak EF0 took down several trees.[2]
The Bahamas
EF? Freeport Grand Bahama 11:30 AM unk. 3 Deaths. At least 4 Injuries. Rare Bahaman tornado of unknown strength killed 3 when it toppled a crane in Freeport. Roofs were torn off of multiple buildings as well.[17]

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